Friday, November 2, 2007

New Hairdo~

Get prepared cause I'm gonna talk about hair!!!


quite boring, and LOTS of SS-ness

Yesterday I decided to have a haircut at one of the new hair design studio, ALAMODE. least that's what I think their name is. The studio is located at the edge corner at the bottom same row with Silver City, MMU Corner, Infasha Maju and others. Bah you local peoples don't need me to explain, you guys know where is it anyway...

with such hair length + 2.5 weeks how long can u guess =.=

I got really commented heavily that this pic looked like "hamsap lou", "yam lou", "gay lou" even "ah pon", so I gotta get a new cut fast!!!

So I went in and they treated me like the VIP guest same goes to my friend. I wasn't really sure what sort of hair style I wanted, so..

Stylist:"What sort of style you want?" (in chinese)
Edwin:" just think for me what sort of style would suit me best." (chinese duh..obviously at this point i still don't know what to choose)

So I just blindly give all my trust on the stylist(guy) hoping he would make a great impact on me. Nowadays I see many hair dressers use hair clips more often than ever. Same goes here, he clips the top part of my hair then slowly "trimming" level by level. One thing I'm amazed is how he did his job. He twist part of my hair, then just "sawing" up the sides a little so that it'll produce a rough different lengths of my hair. Erk....I know the way I explained is kinda cacat, but you have to imagined how it goes anyway.

After the cut he washed my hair up (its a package) then started playing with my hair. I asked him is he using wax to do my hair, he said he's using MUD instead...


Can anyone tell me what is "mud"?? I TakNak muddy hair, looks like that Tarzan's hair. -_-"""

is that what I think the monkey's holding? o.O

Anyway...for a normal price is rm25, but exceptional for MMU students it cost rm20, which is Ok to the other stores like Meglio or inside town.

Taking photos inside the studio with my phone is kinda embarrassing, so I took it outside and have a look myself.

outside AlaMode

Of course...I stil tak puas hati with the photo taken so I took more!!!

starting to get a lil camwhore

hey~ this doesn't look too bad

looks like acting cute....bluuuekkkk

wanna know how my back looks like

at New Ai Wah Hair Saloon, my usual place


Looks better than last time abit eh? But I have to find "mud" and play around if I ever wanna have the same look like this...Life is hard sometimes. T.T


That time above I was refering to "mud" because I don't really know what is it. After walking around in MP in Guardian but failed to find any but in Watson....

It's Mat!!

Oh My Gawd!!~ It's MAT!! My bad for hearing wrong....After buying it well..We'll see how my bushy hair's gonna be. Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

U are an horrible chinese please, your hair cut is horrible and your face los like a pigs