Sunday, November 4, 2007

3 weeks review(2)

alrite...time for next one

2. Going Sunway 25th Oct

This plan was originally made to go Cyberjaya to see how is Cyber like and stay at one of our friend's house in Seremban, but eventually he got sick so we have to quickly change plans FAST!!

So we tried to change our ticket from Seremban to Puduraya when the shop opens at 8am. It came to our luck, there's a bus leaving right at the moment, so we cepat-cepat rushed to the bus. Fuh...with an extra rm5 paid to the conductor, luckily we made it just before it left.

in the bus

With this picture I think I can come up with a bunch of stories.

SUDDENLY!! the bus got sucked into a vortex and.....

On the way I just can't help noticing all those weird weird ad-sign boards. Some have interesting ways of advertising. But 1 of them I see until sien liao.

Zhu Lian!!!

At first ok la I think, a durian in a shape of a heart. Then later on again and again and again I keep looking at the same same ad-boards... again?

Showing twice is enough to cover half of the page....When we reached Puduraya it's just as I expected, worse than pasar malam ever!
Bus conductors from all ages, races, religions, male/female, fat/thin, tall/short, polite/bitchy, kind/arrogant, you get my drill...One of them I pek chek most is an indian guy (Noob) holding on my shoulder like we're best buddies and willing to even walk all the way from left to right.

Noob:"Boss! Mana u nak pergi boss??" (grabbing on my shoulder firmly and walks along with me)

Edwin:(raise my hand to him showing that i'm not interested, shake his hands off my shoulder)

Noob:"Boss mana nak pergi lar?? I bawa u sana cepat punya" (stil grabbing my shoulder, trying to look at me with puppy eyes)

Edwin:"Argh!!" (showing my frustration looks, give a heavy shake on my shoulder, never ever wanna look at his face, walking fast)

Noob: (let go of my shoulder, walks away, and probably cursing every people that he fails to pull in)

Yeeish!!! Geram betul. Anyway don't feel like taking picture cause it's kinda dangerous holding wallets and phones in such streets. Any time an anonymous fella will just pop up behind you with a knife., Adrian and Kok Ting went to Sungei Wang and then Time Square just to kill our time before we headed to our friend's apartment.

Upon reaching Sunway...we had lunch with Wei Kuang and his classmates together. Aiks seems like majority Chinese even in Sunway all speaks Cantonese. With guys like me I only learn some words by watching Astro Wah Lai Toi it's kinda hard to communicate around, so whatever that guy ordered I just "li go li go" (this one this one), "hai" (yes) -_-""" luckily I still know what number for what otherwise kena kon rm100 pun tak tau.

Reached at my friend's apartment Lagoon Perdana. It's around rm5 per taxi cab to that place. Sadly don't ever hope of finding bus cause I don't know. looks quite old the place actually. Ixora seems better but this place no one fell off the building before =D (in my ears la)

the amount of "scrambles" you can find

yeap...kinda old ad


tables and bed...BED!!!

this is where they do their work, play, practically everything on this spot

one of the bedroom...quite kelian neh

From what I heard they only provide you with a kitchen, a bed and a table, the rest you have to settle yourselves. Aiks...well it sure wasn't easy but eventually will get used to things. Of course outside got alot of stores around lah otherwise students will starve to death or probably doing the unexpected.

steamboat pot used as cooking water...soup in this case

just look at the amount of astro satelites they have

In Sunway which Malaccan people never ever thought of going Ice Skating before huh?? It's my 3rd time skating, and I still skate like a total noob. Adrian who stated "1st time" on the ring in just 5-10 minutes skates like a master in front of me. WTH!!! Then Kok Ting first timer also starting to skate smoother, leaving me falling at the back even with all the "experiences" I had before T_T


me, with sore legs..that guy in red shirt skates earlier than us and still skating!!

Skate for 3 hours and you might even landed on the hospital. One of my friends got part of his skins peeled off for "skating so well". Can't blame on that the shoe is damn hard and after a long skate even on grip solid ground your best way to move is to walk like a penguin. (

It's pretty much like this. We stayed there for a night and on the second day we went back home. This is the first self-organized (sorta) trip I ever had. Haha, well, I certainly hope there's another chance somewhere, this time maybe in a bigger group and can go lots more places~~

Adrian:"Yaya, of course!!"

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