Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sparta Revolution

You've seen the movie 300.

current wallpaper, didn't look good

You've seen the posters they've made.


not so w00t


You've seen the art comic version of 300.

Heck, there're even people pretending they're one.

short of muscles dude

They even created signatures with these freaks.

RED SAUCE ON PA - STA!!! *boot*

streamyx sux anyway

It's just so interesting, it keeps getting better and better, even a whole new plot in the story, thus lmao


This is also Sparta!!!

This STILL is Sparta!

No matter wat, This is ALSO SPARTA!

THIS.... IS.... SPARTA!!!!!!!

*note*to the owner of these photos, if u dun like me puttin them here msg me

HELL!! There's even a remix version.

Then now comes.......



300 - Meet The Spartans - The best bloopers are a click away

It's just too fun messing up with this movie, even the director thinks so. God I just love these creations. =P

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Ariel said...

haha those wallpapers are cute^^