Monday, January 19, 2015

Year 2015, previously, then and now ...

short note: - missed blogging.. yet, here I am! (non-hiatus mode) ********************************************************************************************

I am finally back into blogging! (at least for today)

Looking back at the dates that I've last written a proper blog post (not to mentioned the amount of anonymous bot spams) it is very clearly that I have abandoned my blog and let it rot.. while Google still thinks I'm important by NOT removing anything at all. Thanks Google! I'm much touched.

Basically... time flies way back ever since the last I blogged - lots of events, misfortune, happenings ups and downs that are just too many to list down (they're 99% forgotten by now, heh) So allow me to just reflect on what's going on with my life recently.

Times have totally change when the country that we're living are not showing much prosperous signs around (expenses up, petrol price shrinking, missing fei ji etc) it kinda sums that trying to survive what you got a few years back and what you currently trying to sustain yourselves, while meeting goals, targets is just getting much harder and harder.. A little rant, but I'm sure more than half of the society must be facing some financial problems in trying to get ends meet.

It is not just time that is bringing people into burden..sometimes it is just the people around you, or the kind of friends that you joined with during your adult age. Some up to the point that you have to learn "how to become people" with fake expressions or just being tolerate (maybe it is just me) but... nah, meh, pft..

Oh my..suddenly I lost mood to write longer. Damn, should try to improve myself again one day.

So before I end, I actually wanna share my current resolutions for the year. Short and sweet, here goes!

  • lose 5kg
  • better handling in finance management
  • gain better opportunities in project, team handling management stuffs
  • enable extrovert mode more often (while staying humble LOL)
  • talk straight, no hiding around

Til then.