Wednesday, February 27, 2008

a recall to the past

Don't you ever wonder now that you're old (19 this year), how you used to be when you're young: naive, childish maybe, down-to-earth?? Innocent, very manja-manja kind, many many more la.

ai wuff en ais-kreem, EN AIS-KREEM!!!! *cries*

As time fly (still flying wei, every second including the moment you reading this right now!!) by nobody's getting younger. Even if you fly around the world just to think you've gone younger by ONE DAY, it's just shit you're still aging la dung. No matter what those ugly ol-wrinkles will come and haunt you.

ya...THIS old

But one thing I just recalled recently was when I was about 4-5 years old, out of the blues I thought my mom had disappeared into nowhere, but I can still hear her voice. It was in the night, where everyone would be watching tv as a family past time.

watching tv is a sport =) my couz and family in aussie now

Out of nowhere I heard my mom's voices calling for me. Sounded like it's from upstair. As innocent as I am(still am =P) I went upstair to see what's going on. To my horror......

*I'll continue this post right after i take some photos around my house*

i've seen the light

nothing's better than a nice warm motherly love hug, nothing =)

*to be continued here*

Sunday, February 24, 2008


short note 1:

I LOST MY VOICE!!!! My throat seems more damaged than sore =/ too much shouting, too little control, blek..gotta get my voice back in 1 week time. or else.

short note 2:

This camp is a blast!!!


This is something I'm keeping in my mind for a very very VERY LONG TIME. My group 水羽 (water wing if direct translated, but it means la~, 6th key in the do re mi song) also known as 水鱼 (waterfish) must make a cheer for our own group, so...since our group is la, any song that sings la would be suitable right?? Then teringat Jay Chou's concert coming le we choose 牛仔很忙 (niu zai hen mang) and edited a little. The normal song would go as below.

呜啦啦啦火车笛 随着奔腾的马蹄 小妹妹吹着口琴夕阳下美了剪影
我用子弹写日记 介绍完了风景 接下来换介绍我自己

我虽然是个牛仔 在酒吧只点牛奶 为什么不喝啤酒因为啤酒伤身体
很多人不长眼睛 嚣张都靠武器 赤手空拳就缩成蚂蚁

不用麻烦了 不用麻烦了 不用麻烦不用麻烦了 不用麻烦了
你们一起上 我在赶时间 每天决斗观众都累了 英雄也累了
不用麻烦了 不用麻烦了 副歌不长你们有几个 一起上好了
正义呼唤我 美女需要我 牛仔很忙的
心爱ㄟ你走去叨位 我那ㄟ拢没看到你

我啦啦啦骑毛驴 因为马跨不上去 洗澡都洗泡泡浴因为可以玩玩具
我有颗善良的心 都只穿假牛皮 喔跌倒时尽量不压草皮

枪口它没长眼睛 我曾经答应上帝 除非是万不得已我尽量射橡皮筋
老板先来杯奶昔 要逃命前请你 顺便喂喂我那只小毛驴

不用麻烦了 不用麻烦了 不用麻烦不用麻烦了 不用麻烦了
你们一起上 我在赶时间 每天决斗观众都累了 英雄也累了
不用麻烦了 不用麻烦了 副歌不长你们有几个 一起上好了
正义呼唤我 美女需要我 牛仔很忙的

This is the 水鱼 version.








HI HA!!!

We have so much fun singing our cheer song xD The second song we ripped from is 周大侠 from the movie 功夫灌籃, you know...Kungfu Dunk??

Wo Yi Jiao Ti Fei Yi Chuan Chuan Hong Hong De Hu Lu Bing Tang
Wo Yi Quan Da Le Yi Mu Mu De Hui Yi San Zai Yue Guang
Yi Jie Lao Lao De Lao Jiang
Yi Duan Jiu Jiu De Jiu Shi Guang
Wo Ke Yi Gei Ni Men Yi Zhang Qian Ming Zhao Na Qu Xiang Xiang
Wo Shuo A
Ping Feng Jiu Gai Zhe Bing Shuang
Wu Yan Jiu Gai Dang Yue Guang
Jiang Hu Jiu Gai Kai Shan Chuang
Ping Ju Jiu Gai Shua Hua Qiang
Zha Xia Ma Bu Wo Bu Yao Huang
Men Le Huang Le Juan Le
Wo Jiu Chuan Shang Gong Fu Zhuang
我不賣豆腐(豆腐) 豆腐(豆腐)
Wo Bu Mai Dou Fu (Dou Fu) Dou Fu (Dou Fu)
Wo Zai Wu Gong Xue Xiao Li Xue De Na Jiao Gong Fu
功夫(功夫) 功夫(功夫)
Gong Fu (Gong Fu) Gong Fu (Gong Fu)
Gan Jin Chuan Shang Qi Pao
Mian De Ni Shuo Wo Chi Ni Dou Fu
你就像豆腐(豆腐) 豆腐(豆腐)  
Ni Jiu Xiang Dou Fu (Dou Fu) Dou Fu (Dou Fu)
Chui Tan Ke Po De Ji Fu Zai Shi Lian Wo Gong Fu
功夫(功夫) 功夫(功夫)
Gong Fu (Gong Fu) Gong Fu (Gong Fu)
Gan Jin Chuan Shang Qi Pao
Mian De Ni Shuo Wo Chi Ni Dou Fu

Huan Ying Guang Lin
等一下 我到三樓,三樓
Deng Yi Xia Wo Dao San Lou, San Lou
Bu Shi Bu Shi
不是二樓 ﹐三樓﹐三樓
Bu Shi Er Lou, San Lou, San Lou
Wo Shao Wei Shen Zhan Quan Jiao
Ni Jiu Gun Dao Bian Jiang
Hui Xuan Ti Tai Yong Li
Hua Mian Jiu Ban De Hen Huang Liang
Luo Hua Pei Dui Pei Xi Yang
Fan Shan Yue Ling Du Guo Jiang
Wo Qing Yi Qing Sang
Qing Yi Qing Sang
Chang Qi Qin Qiang
飛天飛敦煌 北方北大荒
Fei Tian Fei Dun Huang Bei Fang Bei Da Huang
Shui Zai Shui Yi Fang Wo Cheng Qi Yi Ba Zhi Shan Hui Tou Wang
A Zhe Shen Me Di Fang
Zhe Shen Me Zhuang Kuang
Men Le Huang Le Juan Le
Wo Jiu Cai Zai Ni Jian Bang

Repeat *Chorus

This is the 水鱼 version.

我自是水鱼(水鱼) 水鱼(水鱼)


豆腐(豆腐) 豆腐(豆腐) *repeat many times if wanna threaten opposition

谢谢!!! everybody in our camp will starting singing our 豆腐(tofu) and 水鱼很忙(water fish is busy) whenever they hear those songs.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

bah gua fest

It's more than 3 weeks now, and we (my family) still haven't finish the whole bah gua =.=""" Yesterday I thought I've just eaten d last piece of it, suppose I was damn proud of it Now it's REFILLED!!! throat sore ad ler T_T

anyway...I'll be going my COS Camp this friday, so...won't be here for a few days, btw Selamat Hari cap-go-meh people~ hope ur mandarin orange(s) strike the right one =)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

WTF day (3)

short note 1:

OH MY GAWD I dunno I got camp this friday!!

short note 2:



Why in the world would I need 3 post to blog a single topic =_=""

Continue from previous and previous previous (its a regret not posting earlier, makes you forget more)

After the movie my friends and I go yamcha for awhile. I was deciding whether I should head back to the party since its kinda bad leaving so soon, or just let it be since Aaron (the guy that I went with) said he can find a transport no prob. To my fear he might drink overload there then end up start puking.

these are mine for cny, but there got at least 3-4 cartons READY for the worst drinkers ever

can't help imagine crazy stuffs might happen

Ok I made up bout the feary thing, but he (drank 2 cans of beer and probably abit tipsy tipsy kind, so probably without notice he) called and asked me to come over and eat cake. Asked me to join their "happy moments" too. the time I reached there everyone starting to leave. (its 1am, sad)

I stayed back anyway. Now my friend don't have to worry bout transport back, but he's sorta losing 20% of his mind, what more the remaining people left (me, Aaron, b'day boy and gf, another guy) all go play chodi, player with most cards drink halfcup beer whole. >.< I can't drink NOT BECAUSE I'M A PUSSY THAT CAN'T STAND BEER but because I'm DRIVING and I can't go back home smelling like alcohol or smoke. MY DAD WILL KILL ME AND I'M BANNED FROM GOING OUT EVER AGAIN!! You guys understand right? ='( So in the end, whenever I lose, my friend drink instead =D

Wahaha, I can purposely lose and make him drunk and let him spill out all the dirty little secrets. Well...I did lose some, just some right? Aaron you understand everyone will lose at times hor horr??? He betul betul drunk @@ 6 cans estimation, and he's falling on the floor, can't concentrate properly, talking lots of crap, walking "sober", leaking all sorts of methods to p*rn links (omg)

That's ok, what I worry more was whether he can tahan inside my car anot. It's gonna be bumpy from MALIM all the way to BKT BERUANG. So there I go....DRIVING NO MORE THAN 60 on normal highway road, 30-40 on road, and EXTRA SLOW on bumps and turns.(slower than people walking, even lose to tortoise)

It's 3am+, and he finally reach home. He didn't puke!!! god bless!! Ugh I mean..luckily he's in good shape =) but seriously, this is the 2nd time I see people got drunk and need another feet for support. I haven't really got drunk before, just curious, so.....

Anyway halfway driving back terserempak with 2 of my classmates with their car broke down at bkt beruang. I won't say who but I'll just combine their name as VINCENT GOAY. Of all times they broke down in the middle of 4am in the morning, looking for help. I didn't help much since they got an aunty for help earlier but in the end the engine still won't start, so I helped pushing for some distance til it's going downhill, and crashed all the way till the nearest Petronas.

Nyeh...This is pretty much how my day went. By right shouldn't took 5 days to post finish this lil thing =.=""

Monday, February 18, 2008

WTF day (2)

Continue from the previous topic.

So yeah, me and Aaron went to dawei's house in the night for his er..."chinese year birthday" open house, if I'm not mistaken it's chu 10 on 16th feb 2008. This date is a must to remember for that certain someone !!! we got there around 8, I just noticed I got another movie at 9 at MBO, and his house is situated at MALIM! It's like...twice the distance from our Melaka bus station to MMU, or from MMU to his house.

Aiyo...the minute you just stepped into the house, the next moment you gtg, that's like....tak kasi muka to the whole family. I so feel bad that I can barely look at his mom in the eye telling that I gotta go, then on the other hand I promised that I go for the movie also mar...what if things expected to go wrong huh?

*reachs at 8*

*makan* (dinner)

*makan* (ooh, they have satay)
omg 1st bite of satay's like heaven

*ma-halfway-kan* (siu mai!!)

*makan* (take more satay)

*looks time* (still got time, eat more satay)

*screw popcorn, tapao satay eat in cinema*

Ok lah on top is crap, this is what I'm worrying

Edwin: "Ok aunty many thanks for the welcome, I gotta go now, got another occasion coming up."

Aunty: "Huh?? What occasion so important until you gotta go?"

Edwin: "It's kinda late (8.50) and I got a movie at 9 so I hope you won't mind, promised my friends already."


Edwin: *vomits all the satay and run*

At last things went ok =) watched 长江七号 CJ7 which is ok, I enjoyed every part, will make a post fiesta bout all the recent movies I watched.

omg tis bugger is so......

haha, he she doesn't know what's coming next

Kitty Zhang as the pretty teacher of CJ7 =)

Ehm...anyway I'll continue later tmr noon, class at 10am..

Sunday, February 17, 2008

WTF day (1)

short note:

Kek sei ngo!!! All my members in my drama group wants me to die (beautifully)!! It's either getting killed by a gun shot, got rammed in an accident, and my wild guess: getting bombed like the Middle East, got sucked into a book and burnt for good, and chainsaw slicing out from the wall slicing me into layers. Of course that'll never work since it's too high tech =X anyone owning chainsaw?


Look at the time I'm posting right now. Yeap, its 5am in the morning. What am I doing this early in the morning you asked? I just came back home actually...ugh really damn tiring wei, anyhow must blog them out before I forget them again. Here's how my day goes.

I got up in the morning getting prepared to go to Sue Lynn's house. Pretty much the usual "bai nian stuffs, greet parents, met some old friends and some unexpected friends, play some cards (no bet ah), etc etc. Not long later me and a few people went to JOANNE's house since one of us bersungguh-sungguh wanna visit her house. (you know who you are) SHE hor....can say take photo of the entire HOUSE!! She's either admiring the design of the house, furnitures and probably the homey environment atmosphere or observing the parameter so that she can invade the house in 1 go, or maybe she's just jealous =P but seriously I DO ADORE YOUR HOUSE, makes me wanting a new house even more ='( (rmb a...14th march)


ah crap...the main part not out yet I'm starting to feel more sleepy. Anyway...after bai nian I go celebrated friend's birthday with Aaron.

*yawns even more*

Everything was......practicalllllllyy...normal..*yawns* until I remembered......

*yawns again*

Continue part 2 after today's er...event.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

short note:

No matter what my mom's the best cook. EVER!!! Even on MAGGI MEE! No I don't care if you have a proven Maggi Certificate Chef thing, nor that Restoran Highland Curry House Maggi soup/goreng in EP, MY MOM'S BETTER. except kuey teow goreng kering.


It's been awhile since I posted anything serious here..regardless, my Chinese New Year holidays ends in a blink of an eye. There are still some holiday spirits with me though..Recently from the 1st day of cny to the very day before Valentine's, there isn't anything much going around, as if the whole class went back as usual, like nothing happened.

During cny I wasn't in the mood of "taking-photos-around-and-then-post-to-blog" thing. Okay fine...then I'll just type it down what happened on the last few days. But all of sudden...

While in the mood of blogging:

*turns on pc*

*open msn*


*log in blogspot*

*create new post* *clicks*

*type a few things out*

Ugh....but there's a cute shortcut by my desktop there calling me....noo......must.....resist........

*opens back to desktop*

*clicks on GGClient*

*play wc*


Happens a couple of times. Now I kinda forget most of them during cny, except the fact that gambling is soooooo much fun! not fun! Especially when know you're gonna lose a hell lot of money, YET YOU STILL CRAVE FOR MORE~ Erk...I won't tell how much I win/lose so figure out eh?

Anyway..valentines day's around the corner.

Ugh well....I got no further comments. Before that I got so many things to blog bout, now I seem to forget them all LoL..Well wish all those couples out there, cherish the moments and times you guys spent with each other la huh? Guys, it's time you guys show and remind your loved ones how they truly mean to you the most. SO WHAT YOU WAITING FOR? GOGOGO!!!

I used to have a necklace almost the same as these =X

*sobs at the back*

Monday, February 11, 2008

share the lulz

short note:

Seremban Siew Pau can never taste so good!!! Thanks Hui Juan =)


Here's something I got from my forwarded emails.

Step 1 :

EYES follow the rotating dot. Notice that every dot is in pink and nothing more. DO AS I SAID!!!! Afterward scroll down further.

look at the moving dot

Step 2 :

Start staring at the + in the middle for a short period of time, notice the moving dot has turn to green.

just keep looking in the middle

Step 3 :

Now this time concentrate on the + more seriously as if you're peeking at someone. After awhile, the pink dots are starting to disappear, left nothing but the green dot.


Actually there is no green dot at all, and the pink dots stil remain in tact. Magic eh? Well..if you ask why this lame magic trick, BLAME YOUR EYES. They're the ones that fell for it, don't believe you try again see. Nah =P

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


short note:

If I did not gain at least 2kg by the end of this week, something's wrong with me. Seriously.


We're ready.

bunch of box drinks

We're ready.

We'll never get short of beers anymore

We're ready.

100 plus, coke, shandy, pepsi, and another carton of Carlsberg

We're ready.

i'm nt sure what are these called, tausapiah??

We're ready.


We're ready.

mandarin oranges for everyone

We're ready.

bah gua for the ah gua's (u guys get no share! all mine...MINE!!)

We're ready.

snacks for the guests. green pea cookies anyone?

We're totally ready!!! TO EAT & DRINK!!!

all standby in the old refrigerator

It's a hell-lotta-work preparing all these stuffs. Shopping for clothes with mom is ok, but for these... o.O but it's all gonna worth it for the coming 2 days. We're gonna finish all! MUAHAHAHA

Still, the credit all goes to my mom, she's practically the host of CNY event most of the time, preparing ingredients for dinner, making calls and appointments, setting dates and venue, clean up the whole house without any help (sad to say 99.9% I didn't help at all), and still doing her daily mom routines!!! Routines that include taking care of the family, making breakfast/lunch/dinner, sending and fetching children to school, household chores, etc AND STILL GOT TIME FOR CNY PREPARATIONS LAGI.

Wish there's anything I can help more...anything will do to ease up my mom's burden ='(

Although...There's a high possibility my mom's gonna make a mass chicken rice production with these amount of homemade chilies.

nice ya??

I mean...just look closer at it.

Making me feeling hungry all over again at this time...It's nice to rest after a long day's work, chilling outside with your loved ones.

it's raining outside

By the end of the day....

we spoke too soon

I swear, I didn't drink any!! Not even coke! Ok short wanna wish everyone a happy chinese new (rat) year! gong xi gong xi! May everyone erm....strike toto, 4d, 3d, 5d, any d pun boleh lah. Then when gambling, may lady luck by your side, eh of course if you play with me then no la. =D Once again....another bad year for the snake zodiac.

Btw...anyone wanna buy my mom's chilies? Anyone??

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

clean up now!!!

The only time when my mom is able to pull me off from my chair and start cleaning up my messy table

chunted table, no not messy, chunted =)

is when CHINESE NEW YEAR is around the corner.

Sigh..back to cleaning T_T

╭╮ ╭╮  ╭╮
 ││ ││  │└╮
│ ﹋ ﹋ │   ╭───── ───╮
│ ∩ ∩ │ ╭╮│☆新 年 快 樂☆│
│  ▽  │O╰╯╰───── ───╯
╰新╮║恭│║喜│║发│║财│╰ ╮
☆╰年╘∞╛╘∞╛╘∞╛╘∞╛☆ 樂

Sunday, February 3, 2008


short note 1:

Sorry for the lack of updates!!


short note 2:

My car got shitted again. WTF!!!


short note 3:

I got blinded in soap for about 10 minutes because my dad suddenly ran the tapping water outside just to change the fish water tank...sometimes I think the fish worths better than me ='(


short note 4:

This new semester is gonna quite hectic for me, so chances there might not be any constant updates or something. (my 1st tutorial work haven't even started)


short note 5:

I love short notes =)


My class probably has all kinds of lecturers right now. Here's a simple comic I got from JustSewjin with(out) his permission. =X

But recently I've just met a new type of lecturer...


Let's just call him Wabdul Apom Balik to respect his privacy la hor?

Wabdul Apom Balik : "Everrrry vector....has its own eeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxx (X) component, *pause* and wwaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii (Y) component, respect to its RESULTANT vector!!!!" *looking high*

Wabdul Apom Balik : "If you bring a pooooooooooooooooooooositive charge object, *pause* close to a neuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutral charge object (say example a static comb and pieces of papers), *pause* ...."(and the rest I forgot)

OH MY GRANDFATHER GOD~ Even my grandad really speaks faster than this chubby tostoise. He's an okok lecturer, no would be much more interesting if he speeds up by x2. How I wish I have a universal remote control like the one Adam Sandler's holding.

Oh ya! The blogger who drew the comic above, actually has alot of interesting posts in his blog. Certainly cheer up my day often, so if there's time, view his blog