Tuesday, February 12, 2008

short note:

No matter what my mom's the best cook. EVER!!! Even on MAGGI MEE! No I don't care if you have a proven Maggi Certificate Chef thing, nor that Restoran Highland Curry House Maggi soup/goreng in EP, MY MOM'S BETTER. except kuey teow goreng kering.


It's been awhile since I posted anything serious here..regardless, my Chinese New Year holidays ends in a blink of an eye. There are still some holiday spirits with me though..Recently from the 1st day of cny to the very day before Valentine's, there isn't anything much going around, as if the whole class went back as usual, like nothing happened.

During cny I wasn't in the mood of "taking-photos-around-and-then-post-to-blog" thing. Okay fine...then I'll just type it down what happened on the last few days. But all of sudden...

While in the mood of blogging:

*turns on pc*

*open msn*


*log in blogspot*

*create new post* *clicks*

*type a few things out*

Ugh....but there's a cute shortcut by my desktop there calling me....noo......must.....resist........

*opens back to desktop*

*clicks on GGClient*

*play wc*


Happens a couple of times. Now I kinda forget most of them during cny, except the fact that gambling is soooooo much fun! not fun! Especially when know you're gonna lose a hell lot of money, YET YOU STILL CRAVE FOR MORE~ Erk...I won't tell how much I win/lose so figure out eh?

Anyway..valentines day's around the corner.

Ugh well....I got no further comments. Before that I got so many things to blog bout, now I seem to forget them all LoL..Well wish all those couples out there, cherish the moments and times you guys spent with each other la huh? Guys, it's time you guys show and remind your loved ones how they truly mean to you the most. SO WHAT YOU WAITING FOR? GOGOGO!!!

I used to have a necklace almost the same as these =X

*sobs at the back*

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