Thursday, November 29, 2007

volcano in class

For the first time I lost my cool in MMU...I was having a bad mood swing + lifeless + medium flu going on. Definitely one of the WORST time for jokes and pranks.

Out of no where someone threw a piece of crap paper at my desk during class.
.....That totally pissed me off, still I ignore knowing which b*st*rd trying to make a fool out of me. Then Mr.K kept calling me, made me thought he's at fault (by then my self-conscious kicks in emotion over control)

Terus looked back, engulfed in anger, slammed the desk, and scolded "WTF you wan lar????"

LoL actually I scolded back "what" in a pissed off way, since it's still class, and my Calculus lecturer's in front of me...grarr....It's only what, 5 months ++ in class, and I let emotion controled over me @@ much for that...luckily it's just a small matter, nothing serious actually.

In the end it's just a small misunderstanding that it's Mr.AA that was trying to aim Mr.F but end up the wrong person

Didn't buy the whole story...but doesn't matter, the only thing I regreted is letting off under such small problem = =""

Making a bad impression though....haha.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


when you meet the someone who was meant for you,
before two can become one there's something you must do

do you pull each other's tails?
do you feed each other seeds?

there is something sweeter
everybody needs

i've been dreaming of a true loves kiss
and a prince i'm hoping comes with this
that's what brings ever afterings so happy

that's the reason we need lips so much
for lips are the only things that touch
so to spend a life of endless place
just find who you love
through true loves kiss

ahahaha ahahaha......ahahahahaha

she's been dreaming of a true loves kiss
and a prince she's hoping comes with this
that's what brings ever afterings so happy

that's the reason we need lips so much
for lips are the only things that touch
so to spend a life of endless place
just find who you love
through true loves kiss

you're the fairest maid i've ever met
you are made
to finish your duet

how we kept true love
and growing true love
since first we know
a, a true loves kiss..

*unedited version*

1st time puttin lyrics..listen to the song in my imeem list (song no.9 if you're wondering)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sparta Revolution

You've seen the movie 300.

current wallpaper, didn't look good

You've seen the posters they've made.


not so w00t


You've seen the art comic version of 300.

Heck, there're even people pretending they're one.

short of muscles dude

They even created signatures with these freaks.

RED SAUCE ON PA - STA!!! *boot*

streamyx sux anyway

It's just so interesting, it keeps getting better and better, even a whole new plot in the story, thus lmao


This is also Sparta!!!

This STILL is Sparta!

No matter wat, This is ALSO SPARTA!

THIS.... IS.... SPARTA!!!!!!!

*note*to the owner of these photos, if u dun like me puttin them here msg me

HELL!! There's even a remix version.

Then now comes.......



300 - Meet The Spartans - The best bloopers are a click away

It's just too fun messing up with this movie, even the director thinks so. God I just love these creations. =P

Saturday, November 24, 2007

9 lives??

When they say cat has 9 lives....does that mean half way they're dead, then alive again???

You get what I mean after watching this video.


It moved!!!

ngam-ngam after the song ended the cat got up...

I tell you, my cousin's cat just simply nuts!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

emo day

Today's just sad lar....

Starting the day with a short flu, well I didn't expect to get better before class starts, half way inside MMU Campus...Just about to turn into the parking lot, save and sound. Then comes.........


I came in collision with a motor....

sienz!!! Lost Rm250 for that..but anyhow, no matter how you langgar with any motor it's always the 4-wheel vehicle's fault. Sigh..This is how I would feel like if I'm stil pissed off/in a bad mood:

tmd yo ccb~~
walao, ani sueh hari ini
yo knnbaccb~

Ok I'm just joking...Likewise if I'm in a serious good mood, even though after all these shits, I would be like this:

I shall accept this incident with open hands
as thou wind blows, and cleanse thee
suffer me not, for thou has guided thee
thru thicken woods....with rm250 ~_~

So strong... xD

Well...I gotta thank my mom for reaching Bukit Beruang just at the right time, especially in a desperate situation. If she wasn't there probably the whole thing haven't settled til tomorrow.

I was expecting a long lecture and praying hard it would end soon, who knows...upon reaching home with a worry smile on my face, my dad's still calm and cool, despite the damages done....even going out for late supper that rarely occurs @@

Guess I'm grateful enough things didn't turn out the way I expected, but for sure these few days I won't be driving around until the car is fixed. (hehe..til then for some people, get another transport xD) I don't like showing how badly it is, but if you're dying to know you can just click the link below.

overall view

front view

side view

signal view


LoL..okok last one wasn't mine T_T

Wednesday, November 21, 2007









Monday, November 19, 2007

looking thru

I was just looking through some of my old post in MySpace

Then I was reading about how I almost fainted during PJK

ugh..2day was 1 of d worst experience i ever was on PJ time...PJ is gd rite?? u dun hav to think much like add math, u can streeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch all ur stiff body and by chance u'll hear sum cracks...and most important, hav fun!!

it was ok lar at start...our t'cher got us down(dun think wrong) and make us do push-ups for 30 secs(strain my hands), den later hav to do....erm...front push-ups? nt sure wat its called..again, 30 secs(strain my backbone)..afterward we hav to check our flexibility(onli +6), hav to sit down stretch all d way to ur toe...hurt my body for tat...soon later we hav to run d whole padang field, 2 LAPS!!!!! i haven run for so long...stressed out and hurt my body (leg d most) den we all got 5 minit break...shud b ok by tat time...den later ajak myself go play football (haha, syok sendiri) i onli played for 15 minits...suddenly head feelin i stop lar..jus when im bout to change, BOOM! a major headache strike me, my stomach feel like vomiting, very hard for me even speak..i can barely stand..i can even barely breathe....

so i lean on d red tiang..wher guys change their clothes..i cant even move, or even think at all..den when i tried to open my eyes, OMG, i can see nth at all...its total darkness, nth but black, or so damn worried..i cant even see wher am i..den i bersungguh sungguh tried to get legs stil "wubblely" den i had i sit down...i stil cant see anythin...slowly my vision is recoverin..i can finally see things infront of me..but its all in black, white and grey...mou tin tin suddenly i see everythin in red in 1 blink....terkejut sial...see plants in red..den slowly i can see green blend in all d color...

k, got my vision back..but stil feelin hard to frens told me i look damn pucat like a ghost..both lips hav gone white..stil feelin cold....(wish they snap a photo of me like tat, i wanna see..) den later can stand up able to walk at last...stil need to rest...

k lar i stil got hw to do...jus glad tat things went back to normal after recess...and wanna say thx for all my frens who helped me tat time, all those who givs support when im reli reli reli reli reil down, THANKS, without u guys i think i hav to attend hospital ledi

alrite gtg, all d best every1, ciao


Wah....I nearly forgoten that event. Means I gotta brush up on my stamina ASAP

Looked again on how I got LosT emotionally

its almost 5am...12.30 i slept, den 4.30 i got up....nt sure y i cant sleep well..mus hav been those dreams im havin, yeah....n those dreams im gonna face dem soon..n i meant SOON! haha, dun ask wat izit yet, cuz its stil unsure...3 hours to 7....wat am i thinkin actually...i mean, wat's so complicated bout it anyway? wat makes it so ez, yet so hard to und? bet u all can guess...yeah, besides life it's love...but i cant say i reach there yet..n tat's d thing im worried..from wat i can say, we can hav a bright future being 2gether...yet, i stil hav tis awkward n weird feelin, n i duno wat izit...i duno...din reli giv tat much details here, so...nt tat useful >.<

i can jus say..i feel kinda lost n inexperience, nt-so-kind-of-ez-goin-person after frens out there, if u happen to read it, pls giv sum advice wher u dun normally c tat person post blogs, haha, anyway, if u actually read tis i jus wanna say thx for readin, pis aot =)

now onli 5.30 -_-"

Wooh...a lot of grammar errors, of course now still got lah.

Good memories.....I guess it's good to blog after all; you get recall back some of your past memories other than diary of course (suppose to start a few years ago, but never even bother to write due to laziness, so might as well blog them in) =D

Makes me wonder is Blogspot or MySpace gonna shutdown their servers anytime soon =/

This is SPARTA!!




LoLx again

I just have to post this cause it's just too funny to resist.

Anyway in case you're wondering, you can see what I'm refering to


It's better if you can read chinese also (I wonder if there's a movie 'bout it)

Here's a spoiler to start things up.








Saturday, November 17, 2007

back alley dinner

During the first week of semester 2 a number of mmu kaki went outing and just spend money like crazy


Haha, well...then later at night Devin introduced us a place to eat siham, lala and siput sawa.


good way to attract customers

It's quite a compact place..There's 2 longkang on each side, and the highest chair you can sit is a stool. In fact this place has been settled for quite a long time, yet I DON'T EVEN FREAKIN' KNOW 'BOUT THIS PLACE! !

omg this place's on tv

It's quite embarrassing as a Malaccan that I never even heard of this place before...Even it's on 8 TV show HO CHAK and Astro AEC Channel, but not in my eyes nor ears T_T

from left: siham, lala, siput sawa xD

place where they bakar smelly tofu and umm...tauke

I forgot what this called, but it's so damn nice!!

this too

Our first target is none other than siham!!

Here I have Yong Liang on teaching the steps on how to open the !@#$#^ hard shell.

1. Get a siham

2. Use whatever method possible to open the shell, asal ada buka dah boleh dah.

3. If it's already open, skip 2.

4. Get it off using a fork, dip it into the sauce and enjoy the savior~

sauce at the back

Thanks man!!

normal version

miang version

It's quite messy cause everytime you open one sure kena some of the blood inside. One of my friend SJ thought it's a juice or something, you can guess what he did ~_~ WARNING next pic is bloody.

hey it's really blood ok??

To wash it off, there's nothing better than a big bucket of lemon water at your service. lemony

Same goes for lala also. I don't usually eat seafood since I'm kinda anti-prawn/squids for no reason, but eating all these once in awhile is ok. At least it taste better than long bamboo-lala.

more like slug than lala

Then came the third choice......

siput sawa

Snails!!! It's like a slug with shells to make things complicated, but smaller. I wasn't convinced the first time when I dug it out.


It taste...weird....sluggish.....weird still. But it's fun lar eating exotic stuffs once in awhile. My stomach felt a lil weird after that, and I still thought of exploring all sorts of places trying all sorts of crazy stuffs xD

We called quite alot actually, but after splitting up each only paid RM3 for a wonderful meal =D

Big hands for WNX for eating snails caught on video =D
My bad for the poor video taken...was videoing one handed, cause another hand was all...bloody and sluggy

"WNX!!" That's what he added after that xD

Saturday, November 10, 2007

lovey-dovey sickness

I'm feeling sick.....

Really really sick.

Lately I've been kinda sick since last 2 weeks, and it's been going on since.

I believe I'm in a love-sick situation now...but that doesn't mean I have to be SICK FOR REAL.

If someone gets sick, normally it'll last just for a couple of days or so. I on the other hand...getting multiple combos of sickness one after the another. It's like, after this sick's gone, another sickness feeling comes up.

I still remember last week I had a minor warm fever, but just for a few days. Then after that, a few days later I had a stomachache, probably had been eating wrong lately. Got a small flu on the 1st day of 2nd semester, having another stomachache again the day after Deepavali, then today...constantly burping egg-gases ever since this morning.

siput sawa

I recalled back probably because I was eating things which was kinda exotic, which was eating snails for the 1st time, and had a strange taste...but I'll put more about it next post.

if you can't eat snails, you can't go Fear Factor =x

The last time I had this same situation (almost) is when I was still in secondary school. Maybe it's karma. Maybe I'm just falling sick for my other side to balance the chi around.



It's just a belief, but it could be many other reasons too. LoL okok I'm talking senseless. But now I'm stil burping those weird egg-gases again...My mom told me it's a sign that I'm gonna puke in a matter of time.

Walao!! TakNak ler...Am I missing falling sick that BADLY??? Sigh...hoping in time to come things will get better around, and this egg-gas-syndrome will end soon T_T

Looking Around

Some of the cutest thing you can find...


aduh~~ xD

ok fine sue me all you want, I just can't resist looking at these cute adorable stuffs once in awhile.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

paling melebihkan

Just recently when sending back my friend's house from house to house, one of them suddenly thought "hey!! why not just drive this car in reverse??"

I probably went high, so I did drove for about 30 meters going BACKWARDS. 30 meters ler!!! Well it doesn't sound really far, but if you compare a few T-junctions, turning points, parked cars in between, bumper and can't even see anything in the night except street(taman) lamppost, it was totally nuts!!!

We all got sorta excited anyway, but it was damn dangerous~ I nearly steered the wrong direction into a "back-on-collision" accident...luckily it was late night and there wasn't even any car around otherwise.... O.o

Haha, don't try this anywhere unless you got my friend's direction supervision.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

3 weeks review(3)

ok I think that's all I'm gonna post bout my 3 weeks thingy...

3. Alicia/Siang's Birthday 2nd Nov

It's just 3 more days before our whole new 2nd semester starts T_T but we don't really care anyway..It's already the THIRD day of 2nd sem, and look at what I'm doing now xD

We had a small dinner in Mc.Donald in MP, with about say...15-18 people?? But some people (like me) tend to go KFC, tapao then join back at the table.

And before you know it, I was still eating my coleslaw until one of them brought up the cake, sambil I cepat-cepat makan habis~~


Trouble reading?? Try reading flipping other side.


Oh by the way, these are the fella's rightful owner of the cake.

Soon Siang:"yay yay, my big day" xD

Alicia Lai:"old liao lor.." T_T

I can't take any photo cause my hand was all chicken-fat, so I had Wei Ling for help =D

keke... are some photos taken.

ei...dah berape tahun umur ni

getting serious

making a wish

cutting the cake

weii~ look here

eh..actually the cake haven cut a?

Haha, I think I had 2 big piece of Tiramisu + Chocolate Fudge like, cause I wasn't sure how is it like again. But I think the cake's not inside this list..

Eating burgers/chickens and cake just isn't enough, so we kinda "kelam-kabut" and decided to have a pitstop at Xuan


Xuan is something like a "highclass" cafe with all the pricey pricey numbers, despite it has a better singer lah. Many top artist do come to this place (including us people) to just sit down, relax and have a nice chat while singers do their things.

Xuan bar

is that Jay Chou???

Once in awhile in this place is ok, cause for the same order in Mori I'm paying double the price plus tax T_T

Later they played this game called "King" which means you're the king!! and you can command any number (this game requires a deck of cards) to do any dare everyone had agreed on. I was pulled in and managed to score King twice in a row (keke) but thing's changed when I kena stand with one pillow on my head for about 30 seconds and had to kiss birthday boy ~_~ luckily no photo/video was taken on the spot =P

random photos around

oops =P

We headed back and stay around for awhile...and then Siang suddenly interested in the guitar....

ei~ quite yeng wor