Thursday, November 22, 2007

emo day

Today's just sad lar....

Starting the day with a short flu, well I didn't expect to get better before class starts, half way inside MMU Campus...Just about to turn into the parking lot, save and sound. Then comes.........


I came in collision with a motor....

sienz!!! Lost Rm250 for that..but anyhow, no matter how you langgar with any motor it's always the 4-wheel vehicle's fault. Sigh..This is how I would feel like if I'm stil pissed off/in a bad mood:

tmd yo ccb~~
walao, ani sueh hari ini
yo knnbaccb~

Ok I'm just joking...Likewise if I'm in a serious good mood, even though after all these shits, I would be like this:

I shall accept this incident with open hands
as thou wind blows, and cleanse thee
suffer me not, for thou has guided thee
thru thicken woods....with rm250 ~_~

So strong... xD

Well...I gotta thank my mom for reaching Bukit Beruang just at the right time, especially in a desperate situation. If she wasn't there probably the whole thing haven't settled til tomorrow.

I was expecting a long lecture and praying hard it would end soon, who knows...upon reaching home with a worry smile on my face, my dad's still calm and cool, despite the damages done....even going out for late supper that rarely occurs @@

Guess I'm grateful enough things didn't turn out the way I expected, but for sure these few days I won't be driving around until the car is fixed. (hehe..til then for some people, get another transport xD) I don't like showing how badly it is, but if you're dying to know you can just click the link below.

overall view

front view

side view

signal view


LoL..okok last one wasn't mine T_T


Ariel said...

ahni sueh yday hor~~ nvm la, as long as my mummy didn't hurt enough liao... otherwise i'll be an orphan... T.T

Ashley said...

gor i really laughed after viewing ur blog..

ei ei... dun misund.. i dun laugh at ur incident.. life sometimes is juz like dat.. many things juz come with unexpectations..

er... wanna noe y i LAUGH?????
cuz.... those photos u snapped really show ur talents of being a "forensik" or detective conan!!!

haha.. everything in detail n hahahhahaha...

speechless d la...

well.. i juz came back from hospital check up..

tmr wil be doin operation...

k la take care tata


-EdwiN- said...

aww....thx mui, reli appreciate ur reply can cry =')

u can try readin other old posts, den can c sum of d improvements i had =D

hehe...anyway all d best in tmr operation....u know u hav my support!!

im CSI potential huh? xD