Thursday, August 20, 2009

15Malaysia, 1 Malaysia, 15 voices

short note:

amat paiseh for lack of comments, u may smack me if u wanted >_<


By now i think 15Malaysia should be hot in the net among us Malaysians.

The explanation is there so I don't have to elaborate much, just wanna let you guys to constantly update yourself with the short flims posted every few days or so. Currently 2 already out, POTONG SAGA and CHOCOLATE. GO SEE GO SEE!!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Genting view

from highland hotel, simply a pleasure scenery

Saturday, June 20, 2009

try not to laugh? hardly impossible

short note:

once again a new sem has begun..and the beginning of gamma year..well, hope everything goes smoothly from here on then =)


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Everythin starts small

But its a gd headstart i in progress haha

Friday, June 5, 2009


It's the 1st week of my break now..been watching this drama, then tis 2 people went to Japan to have their training course. It was during winter season, OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, MORE CRAVINGS TO GO JAPAN T___________T

well tat's it lol. sry i din update these few days, have my reason why tho....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the moment before i officially move out...

After moving most of the heavy barang (tables, chairs, more tables etc) to my new home.

There isn't anything much to do left other than going online rite? But since there's still no internet connection in the new house I'm staying, well.....


My back is seriously aching me, ugh...any sponsors?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


1st time cleanin our new home, deep mess lol

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

finals trauma counteract

At times when preparing for finals I will get stressed up and tend to do mischievous stuffs such as logging into facebook...reading blogs, resting on my bed (with 80% chances of falling asleep) and many more la.

Music is life. Majority would agree on it right? Normally I would tune into my calm and soothing songs and sometimes let the meaning of the song run into my mind..which occasionally made me emo lar..In Love Again by Janice 卫兰 would be a very good example of my choice. Have a go listening then you'll know what I mean =)

01.In Love Again (ÎÒÕâÑù°®Äã) - ÎÀÀ¼


O yea yea yea yea

When u smile
My life becomes a ray of light
Sing me a lullaby
To sleep at midnight

I’ll be hypnotized
when looked into your eyes
Turn off the room light
Let's Spend the night

Take me to far away
Away to your secret place
Take my tears my fears
Take all my pain for which I'll repay
Someday with a kiss and say
Can't believe that I’m in love
In love again

When the stars don’t shine
And when the birds don’t fly
And when the flowers cry
And when the rain runs dry
When the violet's red and when the rose turn blue
Baby I’ll still be in love with u

Chorus X2

Ok back to study!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

mmu EPM1026 references

short note:

i got all these tips guide
REFERENCES from a fren's fren's fren (and duno how many times more) and it seems rather trusty. anyway as i said before duno whether it's reliable or not but at least look through as a guide, er...or reference, NOT TIPS lai de ok!!!


1.accurate and precision
2.resolution and sensitivity
3.known & guarantee error
4.relative limiting error
5.2 type moving iron instrument
9.3 plate delta connection
10.wattmeter method
11.resistance of detector
12.hay bridge
13.flux meter
17.strain gauges

gd luck all the best

Here in this early morning I would like to wish all the "finals" candidates (including secondary and primary schools lol) all the best and good luck! strive for the best go go go!!!

...Actually, I woke up earlier than I supposed to be, my mind wants me to study more but my body, especially my eyes wanna went back to sleep.... @@

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

beta 3rd sem tips

for EEM

- pde no inhomo (confirmed, but be more careful sikit la)
- pde focus more on D'Alembert and Separation Method
- just try whatever you can lah (myself)

- integral no dirac delta (no news)

tat's all so far, will update myself if i gt any
and if u guys got any xtra tips, do share as well!! =)

these source(s) are not entirely true so i canot guarantee its content, but anyhow...


Monday, May 11, 2009

omg terpukau!

Everybody knows Taylor Swift right? Recently I've been hearing a lot of her songs, semakin terpukau (getting obsessed) by her songs (and partially her looks too) >_<

her eyes especially

But the thing is I didn't see her official videos before until I open one of my friend's youtube link and listen to this.

I'm abit orchestra instrument type lover myself so I was quite amazed by how the pianist played the song (one thing is that I langsung don't know how to play piano, maybe that's why anyone who played piano I sure will look up on them)

Of course that got me motivated to search for her official video, prob is the sound volume is soft so need to increase sikit to hear clearly

this is wher i kena terpukau lol

ARRRRGGHHHHHHHHH!~!~!~~!~~~~~ Everyone has their own love stories, it's up to how we write them just as below.

I wonder when's mine, hmm..

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Happy wesak all! Had a light one tis yr

Friday, May 8, 2009

single ladies went wrong??

short note:

damn...should try to get myself into sleeping early nowadays


We all know how hot is Beyonce Knowles right?

and one of her top song Single Ladies (watch this video first tau!!!)
uh oh oh~ oh oh ohhhh~~~

Gazed? For me I like the song, but not the MV tho...Then I found this youtube vid from 9394 which is very......see for yourself o.0

if you look closely, you can see one ketul bottom there when dancing sideways lol

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Siti Hasmah(hp)

Nostalgic betul tis place..1 yr ago incident

Monday, April 27, 2009


The sun fully rise at 7.02 from my hp, which mean in real time shud b 7.10 lol

Thursday, April 23, 2009

too late to think about it and turn back?

-removed by author-

i guess it was kinda too personal earlier..but anyway..firstly i wanna thank to all those for ur comments n concerns, reli shudn't hav made u guys worried.. =) anyhow for d moment i decided nt to think much but to concentrate more on tis upcoming finals (ahh..sien) clock is ticking, so i better set my priorities on it 1st..til den, +u ppl!!~~

Monday, April 20, 2009

transparent mac

Received an email from a friend which is extremely cool!! Apparently the macbook is really TRANSPARENT! Tried googling for it but seems like it's just another method of copying and pasting photos inside, but it's rather cool, no??

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Once a lesson

Twice a fool. F* it damn no mood

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

E-FUN 2009

short note:

these are purely copy and paste. but do come for this event as they have lots n lots of games and activities to try out =)
(wat im lookin forward for is the redbox actually..haha, heard they changed their time to thurs 10am to 3pm, so gonna skip my classes n duties tat time) =P


Stress up with assignments & midterm test?? Don’t worries…come on to E- FUN 2009 now!!!

Prizes such as printer, pen-drives, adorable sponge bobs and particles are out for grab!!!

Date: 15/4/09 and 16/4/09 (weds & thurs)

Time: 10am-7pm

Venue: open area between foe and fcm

So, what are you waiting for??? Come and grab the prizes easily…

but truthfully speaking...i'm tired

Monday, April 13, 2009

heavy raining outside

short note:

felt like postin emo stuffs, it's been rainin quite a long while..maybe it's the weather tat's causing me such emotions, lack of spirits, motivation, inspiration too lately, i dun bother to find out why too..actually they're alot of questions in my mind, but..i leave it for another day...


woo~~ heavy thunder outside, yesterday it rained for 10 hours too, wonder if it's already flooding raining season?? haha, EEN1046 midterm coming soon, +u!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


a person can't endure all the miserable hardships all by himself. that person needs inspiration. that person needs motivation. that person needs support. that person needs to let it all out. that person needs help. that person can't take it much longer.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Art of Being Single

short note:

been blog-hopping this morning until i saw this post which is rather interesting. credits to Zues, credits credits to chinheong for the wonderful post. credits credits credits to the original creator of this post, haha

basically i got no comment on the contents below, but i do disagree with some of the opinions based on my past experiences...have a go reading it.


The Art of Contentment
For most of us, being single will be more of a phase than a final destination. This is the best place to practice the art of contentment. Someday, I’m sure most of us will fall in love and get married. But the thing is, love will always be tested. Someone more handsome,beautiful, more charming, richer, funnier, sweeter would come along. If you have not practiced the art of contentment as a single person, chances are you would be tempted to want that and not cherish your chosen one. Practicing the Art of Contentment as a single person means that you take what life gives you, good or bad, you’re willing to see it through. It means you don’t walk away every time things get tough because it builds in you patience, perseverance, understanding and a hundred different virtues that people in a hurry will never have. Being single means you would find how it feels to be alone thus, allowing you to cherish every moment you spend with your chosen one. The art of contentment means you wouldn’t mind if life had to make you wait for so long to find the love of your life, because you know that the waiting would only make the finding much sweeter.

A Time to Know Yourself Better
Being single is a time of your life when you can get to know yourself better. You can pursue different interest and passions without having to ask another person’s approval. It is a phase when you can keep focus on other things, discover your potentials and talents, and see yourself become more than what you expect to be. Allow yourself to surprise you. Stop wasting precious energy trying to figure out why you’re still romantically unattached. It’s all in the mind. Take the time to go see your friends, spend time with your family, do charity work and you will realize that you are not, and never for one moment, was alone. Try to get to know yourself first before you try to get to know other people. To be truly loved means to be known and accepted for who you are. How do you expect other people to know you and to love you, when you don’t know who and what you really are?

A Choice Between Good and Best
Sometimes the dilemmas we face are not between what is absolutely bad and absolutely good. Sometimes, it’s between good and best. Treat this stage of your life as a phase to evaluate who is good for you and who is best for you. Sometimes, you won’t hear music, or feel magic to know who’s best for you. The heart just knows and it doesn’t need any romantically charged scenario to decide on the matter. Trust in your heart, and trust that time will eventually lead you to, not to the perfect partner, but to the most suitable partner for you. Being single is a phase of life that we need to be thankful for, because being single means our hearts have yet to choose the best one for us.

Take Your Time, The World Will Wait
Being married doesn’t guarantee that it will make your life happy. It doesn’t guarantee anything at all. Sometimes, it only brings two miserable people together only to make their life even more miserable. Without the right intention, the emotional maturity, financial security and of course, unwavering love, you’re better off unattached.

Living Life
Don’t put your life on hold for Mr. and Mrs. Right but don’t let it waste away with Mr.or Mrs. Wrong. Life is about things that you do and happen to you everyday. It’s not about the things that could have happened but never did, or things that you think would happen in the future. Live life now. Live it to the fullest and stop beating yourself up, trying to be perfect on a Saturday night date. Allow life to surprise you with it’s most wonderful blessings.

Monday, April 6, 2009

online game addictive

Do join me in this weird brute game ya. You don't have to do anything,, go, and let them fight xD

now baru lv2

yes..i know i'm suppose to study now

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Siao liao la(hp)

If u can understand tis, ur god

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

one word...



Monday, March 30, 2009

ecp1026 tut 7


#include < stdio.h >

#define NUMPLACE 3
#define NOP -1.0

//1-D array to keep track of the place names

char places [NUMPLACE] = {'A','B','C'};

//2-D array for the adjacency matrix representation

float roads [NUMPLACE] [NUMPLACE] = {
{ 0.0, 3.5, NOP},
{ 3.2, 0.0, 2.8},
{ 3.1, NOP, 0.0},

int main(void)
int from;
int to;
char origin, dest;


//Obtain the origin s place name from the user and find index
//associated with the place name

scanf("%c", &origin);

for(from = 0; from < NUMPLACE; from++)
if(places[from]==origin) break;



//Obtain the destination s place name from the user and find index
//associated with the place name

scanf("%c", &dest);

for(to = 0; to < NUMPLACE; to++)
if(places[to] == dest) break;

printf("From %c to %c ", places[from],places[to]);

//Obtain the distance from the adjacency matrix.
//If there s no path, then display No direct road.

printf("it is %2.1f km\n", roads[from][to]);
printf(": no direct road. \n");



typedef unsigned int Set;

#define SETSIZE 8

void printSet(Set s)
int j;
printf("{ ");
for (j=0; j< SETSIZE; j++)
if ((1<< j)&s)
printf("%d ",j);

int main()
Set a, b;

printf("a= ");

printf("b= ");

printf("a union b = ");

printf("a intersection b = ");

printf("inset 5 into a.\n");
a = (1<<5)|a;

printf("is 3 an element of b?\n");
if ((1<<3)&b)

return 0;

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ching ming(hp)

Hope everyone went through their ching ming smoothly =)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

reminder : march 14th, chinese 2nd month 18th day

short note:

yoohoo~~ tomorrow goin genting~

wishing a happy birthday to my dear sis and mr.Han xD

was suppose to post this 10 days ago...but delay til now, blek


lighting failed. was about to rain

I got an early call in the morning from my mom to remind me that today's my chinese birthday. I'm always forgetful about my chinese birth date, cause my family doesn't celebrate at all, and also..just so happens on that date itself my 婆婆 (popo, nenek, grandma) went to another world..

But of mom asked me to try find any temple around so that at least I can pay respect to my 婆婆 la, as what we'll normally do when we're in hometown. Back in Melaka I won't take these kind of offerings/praying/paying respect to our ancestors thing. Sure we might skip a couple of times, feeling lazy to go, stomachache last minute, upon in Cyberjaya here...I feel really down unable to follow my mom for visiting. So I started having random thoughts, and have myself an expedition trip to search for any nearby temple!!

Of course...I know where it is AFTER I found that area la...I have to ask various people for directions on how to go, following vehicles in hope they'll pass by any at all, until I went too deep into the old Seri Kembangan area, that time ah...cannot liao, must ask for directions.

got this kind fella to give me some guidance

EVEN WITH ALL THOSE DIRECTIONS I'M STILL LOST. All I know it's somewhere on top of a hill so I should try my luck roaming around high. Didn't know it was that easy if you just look up the mountain instead ><

huah!! finally reached my destination!

but sadly..sudah tutup, i arrived at 4.30pm (not a wonder la tutup liao, *slaps myself*)

but anyhow i still did some 拜拜(bai4bai4, praying) outside before i left

Nonetheless I think I'm ok now..Next year I probably have to try in the early morning than this late all the time. Got some random photos around too =D

just about to rain after reaching here

by just keep following local people where they're going, i learnt a new road!! nasib betul

shortcut to prevent all the jams in between Serdang and Seri Kembangan

woo~ semakin lebat liao, cannot snap photos anymore ><

婆婆 ar..if you can read this, just wanna let u know we're doing very fine here.
公公 is still as strong as ever! last update he's still mixing wit his gang of kaki's
in tat same coffee shop. as for us new generation..?? we're doing great! this year
we even took a photo with 公公 as a remembrance, cool huh? well..i know you'll be
looking out for us from above, rest assured we won't let you down. =)