Tuesday, April 29, 2008

nerdy request

Dear readers....

Would anyone be nerd kind enough to join with me the game of Battle Stations???

As wrong as it can be....


Okay, I'm done nerding =)

*but just incase anyone do wanna join, add me up in facebook then we sama sama go play =D


No doubt.

It's been days even close to weeks that I've neglected my own blog.

Wondering what's been going on in my life until I didn't spend a single 15 minutes just to update post.

Here's why.


We all know that now is Week 13, and Finals is in 2 more weeks time. Everyone's busy rushing their assignments due date, having meetings, discussions, and out of blues everyone turning smarter!! This "last minute" work seems to be a trend in my campus, and it's working great!!!! I actually still got 3-4 more assignments to pass up due next monday but I haven't started any, so...maybe I'll wait last day for it. =P

Oh ya!!! If you checked the muet link my MUET falls on the 8th of May....

!%@#%$%&%^*^( OMFG SO FAST! And I haven't even prepare anything yet, omg what to study? what to prepare? what to read? what to say? Praying that I at least get a Ben 4 "unprepared" for the whole exam. It falls on a few days before my finals lagi, I got no idea how am I gonna survive these coming few weeks.


LoL...This is a hot topic. But erm....I'll continue tis other time, my class wanna start soon so gotta go.

Oh ya, another factor is that I'm still studying then I spend less time at home so yeah.. =)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

down and out

I'm sick.

Very sick.

Very sick til the extend of 4 different sickness.

- Flu

- Headache

- Sorethroat

what's with people showing out their tongue in the net?

- Fever

Eating medicine has been a problem for me since young.

must eat finish within 5 minutes..NOOO I DON'T WANT ANY!!!

I mean comon' lar...it taste so....uaagghh, orrrgggg, ueeekkkkkkk.......awfully bitterish. Just look at that pink bastard pill.

it's so huge, I nearly got chocked the second time I ate this

my mom trying to temp me to eat finish, then I get to drink this cendol lol

Still managed to type something here at least, ugh...the medicine effect's starting to kick in..My bro took a photo of me when I was sleeping, damn I look so ugly @@

too small for you to see eh?

I don't wanna blurtify your eyes, so view them AT YOUR OWN RISK.

geli pic

geli-er pic

Time to tidur liao...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

i ate boobs

Wonder why??

Check out this blog for more details.

It was a normal fine day where me and my classmates were having breakfast at Restoran Sultan Habeeb. Being an addictive egg-lover (sometimes, not many knows that I'm obsessed with eggs) I called 2 HALF BOILED EGGS as a kickstart of my day. Obviously my expectation would go like this.

something like this, without the wasabi, you know..

Damn!! This has been my all-time-favourite since I was a kid!! The white part of the egg is nearly cooked while the middle yellowish yolk still in liquid form!! Just look at the picture above, the yolk's perfect!!! *tempts me to make one myself right now*

In case some of you don't know, all you have to do is place the egg into a pot of hot water (not boiling water, we're not cooking it to solid) and roughly agak-agak the right time to take it out. Then presto!! Eh back to topic, but to my horror....the fear of overcooked would go as below...

as though the egg would smile at me back to cheer me up

There's another photo inside his blog, just find out then you know.


This world is so cruel!! Damn you skilless-half-boiled-egg-maker, damn you!!

Actually...if the yolk part haven gone hard, it'll look more like actual wubbly boobs =X

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

short note:

just know 1 thing, my blog is lack of those personal stuffs, otherwise it wouldn't be called a "blog" for nothing.

aight, I got a few things in mind but now la hor...study study study >.<

Sunday, April 13, 2008

tagged (lagi)

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves
3. At the end of the post the player than tags 5 people and posts their names, than goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they done got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago(1998)?
-I was 9 years old
-I'm not sure if it was either st.1, st.2 or st.3, but i stole money from my parents before =X
-Being fooled by my moral teacher often..When she wanna call people to read the blackboard loud she would points at the back of the class and shout

Teacher: "You!!!"
Edwin: *looks behind wondering who kena*, nobody at the back, *looks back front*
Teacher: "Yes, you!! For looking behind"

-I had a very good friend called BAO SHUN!!! Chubby round cute hyperactive fella
-Studying in SJK (C) Keh Seng Melaka

5 things on my to-do list today.
-finish lab report theory..
-umm...maybe I should just study
-get enough rest for tomorrow
-no CABAL for today...promised someone liao ='(

5 Snacks I enjoy
-any midnight supper after 12am is considered snacks =D

5 Things I would do if I were a billionaire
-get myself a set of luxurious sports car, and when I mean set..I mean many =D
-get myself a butler to do my every bidding, that includes replacing me to go mmu and study, wuahahaha
-anything that money can buy, it's mine *grins*
-belanja all my braders makan all geng geng meals, god knows when I'm gonna finish 1b cash
-if there's extra, it's still mine!!!

5 of my bad habits
-I tend to play around with my lips very often...don't ask what
-like doing things last minute...
-being blur when people expected most from you
-SNEEZING IS A BAD HABIT!!! Not that I wanted to, I'm just too fragile =(
-tend to think too much at times (sry ya)

5 places i have lived
-Melaka (my hometown lor)
-Sunway (friend's apartment, refer old post)
-Kl (basicly I think mostly everyone would have lived there before, including 1 night stand)
-Kuala Terengganu

5 jobs I've had
-regular promoter in JJ
-waiter in DeliFrance
-umm...sell stuffs in sports day
-cashier (actually, same as waiter above)
-student (current job! very tiring tau??)

5 people i tag
-Hui Ying

SORRY LAR.....I know I'm such a crap not updating for like ages (it's not even 1 week actually) there's like...events bla bla all sorts going on, this week I got 2 exam, so you know la..ampun semua...please...please....I got cookies =)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

i am

sleepy, means that I'm tired


When tired, I will go moody.


When they say people moody, normally they're in anger state.


Normally people in anger they can't think rationally and rather cause chaos


After a whole lot of chaotic disasters made, surely will feel hungry after a job well done (syabas)

CHAOS = HUNGER (I know, abit irrelogical)

To satisfy our hunger, we eat until full full, and tend to get fat


To cut short, I am an



you no like me when me turn angry (turns green)

Sad lar!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


short note:

Inconjunction with this post..

Lately I've been really really tired with all sorts of crap activities
due to such as above, last few weeks I really felt the tension going around, handling my social life, uni studies, as well as my society events etc

C'mon lar...next week I got 2 assignments to pass up, some tutorials to do, coming test, daily performance practice, and some claims I'm in the middle of pak-tor-ing, kai-mei-ing, playboy-ing, what-else-somemore?-ing

I rarely find myself some spare time to update my blog as frequent as before, I mean look the time I'm posting, just reach home, and the only time available, then later 9.30am need go back mmu practice again...

There isn't even much time for me to spend with my family at all, everyday on the average 9am in the morning "mom, im going to mmu now, be back real soon", 2am baru balik, sad lar~


People!! Come one come all

乐之夜 华乐演奏◎合唱 (Chinese Orchestra Society Performance Night)

member : RM5
non-member : RM6

10th April 8.00pm

at CLCR0002 (A2)

We'll be playing songs such as

- 菊花台
- 青花瓷
- Can't Help Falling in Love With You
- Winter Sonata @ My memory
- Setia

and lots more!

Doubts? Contact...

- Ng Chia Yin

- Wong Tiing Hua

- Chua Su Ting

...these people above for more info.

Wondering what is chinese orchestra and how it works and looks like?

Chinese Orchestra Exhibition '08

Venue: CLC Concourse
Date: 7th to 9th April 2008

This would definitely let you understand how the instrument works etc.

So please please please please please please please please~~~ x100
drop by our exhibition and look around yea
and if interested, join our night performance as well =)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

awareness test

This is to test your awareness. Check out the link


"This is an awareness test."

"How many passes does the white team make??"

Count carefully, got 1 part tricky, then another part trickier, no kidding!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Oh yea, check out your




by clicking above. Damn....don't ask why.

laziness kicks me (again)

Once again I feel "busy" as if I need 48 hours per day to complete all my task. (inclusive of laziness, hey it's a heavy job you know?)

Well...I know it's kinda late by now but anyway drop by a visit if you want, I sometimes upload all the necessary blog photos here.

Oh yea..I've made my decision. I'll be staying in Cyberia at Cyberjaya with:

Khai Keat
Chun Chang
Yong Liang
Poh Heng
Swee Ann

7 people in one single townhouse.

my new (soon to be) home!!!

Sadening thing though...the nearest gas station is dunno-god-miles away and it's nearly similar as a desert cause it's soo SPACEY!!