Sunday, April 6, 2008


short note:

Inconjunction with this post..

Lately I've been really really tired with all sorts of crap activities
due to such as above, last few weeks I really felt the tension going around, handling my social life, uni studies, as well as my society events etc

C'mon week I got 2 assignments to pass up, some tutorials to do, coming test, daily performance practice, and some claims I'm in the middle of pak-tor-ing, kai-mei-ing, playboy-ing, what-else-somemore?-ing

I rarely find myself some spare time to update my blog as frequent as before, I mean look the time I'm posting, just reach home, and the only time available, then later 9.30am need go back mmu practice again...

There isn't even much time for me to spend with my family at all, everyday on the average 9am in the morning "mom, im going to mmu now, be back real soon", 2am baru balik, sad lar~


People!! Come one come all

乐之夜 华乐演奏◎合唱 (Chinese Orchestra Society Performance Night)

member : RM5
non-member : RM6

10th April 8.00pm

at CLCR0002 (A2)

We'll be playing songs such as

- 菊花台
- 青花瓷
- Can't Help Falling in Love With You
- Winter Sonata @ My memory
- Setia

and lots more!

Doubts? Contact...

- Ng Chia Yin

- Wong Tiing Hua

- Chua Su Ting

...these people above for more info.

Wondering what is chinese orchestra and how it works and looks like?

Chinese Orchestra Exhibition '08

Venue: CLC Concourse
Date: 7th to 9th April 2008

This would definitely let you understand how the instrument works etc.

So please please please please please please please please~~~ x100
drop by our exhibition and look around yea
and if interested, join our night performance as well =)

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