Friday, September 28, 2007


well...if count d current time, i got exactly 1 day 8 hours 38 minutes and 40 seconds left from now (yes i count d seconds)

guys!!! final xm so tension wei...wanna study, but dun feel like studyin..wanna do revision, but tis blog, i post bcuz d sake of u 2 ok?? (haha, u know who u r) anyway...sry i din post any updates recently cuz i was sorta "stressing" on my assignments n "studies", anyhow i had an ok sem here, sum things r goin quite smooth, sum juz went rough at times, sum weren't pleasant at all =.=""" next sem timetable is like !@##$^& !!! u can say d timetable is less packed overall (1 day 4 hours is ok for me), but 4 hours continously so tired neh ~_~

haha..those who were skoolin probably wanna exchange timetable wit me, but life in uni...we tend to get lazier by d minute xD

umm...i tot of postin another story juz now but gotta stop here for now...k guys c u den after my finals, wish all of u guys all d best + u + u ~

Friday, September 14, 2007

rough days

2day was reli an extremely tired day for me...back a few days ago things was goin on in mmu as usual (meetings, assignments, discussions, due dates, sudden quiz, 4gotten things to do) in fact 2day is d last day to pass up our com app hardcopy project, we and the guys were like rushing mad trying to get things done quickly, but as usual...common trend in mmu is tat everythin was done in last minute (haha, i admit i myself do d same)

but ytd i reli slept alot @@ i woke up at 2pm in d noon, get up, brush my teeth, had my lunch, back to assignment, den at 4pm my aunt came, so i invite her in and get myself sum thing u know i slept again n woke at 6.30 !!! walao~ my whole morning n noon wasted in ramadan (but u can say tis is ramadan spirit =D )

every thurs my chinese orchestra society will b having a resemble meeting to gather all sorts of instruments and play all in 1 go, i haven had any practice lately cuz was too "bz" doin other there i was playing d malay kompang for d song "Ra Sa Sa Ya" which is tat Rasa Sayang song of coz, got commented alot for nt following the song tunes and dunno how to play kompang...hey, at least with every moment im improving better and better =) next week is d last resemble for tis sem thou...

den comes to d long n stressful part, finishin up our com app, back to wher we started, n Mr.J like bombing each other bout finalising the whole thing, but in d end we decided next mornin i come his house n do editing wit him (wat a gd fren am i, lol) anyhow i tot his house was nearby US Pizza, guessed walked too far ~.~

anyway me n Mr.J managed to clear up most of d work, juz d front page missin, at d same time his mom invited me for lunch, larr......reli malu ler, vry tak biasa thou...but anyhow she's a gd mom lar =) erm.....anyway to summarise it up we got d job done, had a gr8 front cover thx to Mr.S n all d other members who worked juz for 15 marks xD

well....juz tot of crappin sum stories here so at least sum wont complain tat its reli empty in my blog..well if u do read til tis far hope i dun bore too much of ur time =X special thx to Mr.J if he's ever readin tis, haha

Sunday, September 9, 2007

i'm back! ! !

its been more than a year since i started any blogs recently...haha, anyway i'll try my best to post as many as possible, but im kinda noob in all these yet so those recent bloggers pls feel free to teach me a few tricks or 2, i'll greet u at least once, den mb if im in a gd mood i belanja u minum oso =D