Saturday, December 29, 2007

2007 review

Things I've done in 2007:

- celebrated friend's birthday party ALOT

- celebrated MY own birthday too =P

- parties parties parties....

- had cny gathering, but didn't manage to go with some

- worked as a promoter in JJ, made some crazy friends

- worked as a waiter in some major company dinner (and I looked weird in a vest)

- further my studies in MMU

- met some old friends in MMU

- had new friends in MMU too =)

- learn how to drive!!! =D

- had my 1st accident...learn how to report case

- had my 2nd accident =.=

- dated once...didn't turn out well

- went to the following cafe:

Mori, Witchery Ider
Continental Cafe
One Planet Cafe
Pearl Cafe
Friends Cafe

- went Sunway Lagoon and Sunway in Tambun for hot spring

- starting to go out more often than usual

- exploring more on the "dark" side, and by dark I mean night

- had a first self-organised trip just between friends

- changed a new hairstyle

- had snails for dinner.....uekk

- grow up into a better man =) ceh waa ceh

Things I probably missed throughout this year:

- more traveling throughout other states

- a few trips cause I back out =x

- less communicate with relatives...

- wished I had more time with my cousin from Aus

- didn't get a chance to meet any of my kai mui

- find my other "half"

- pub...LoL

Hopes for year 2008:

- more trips!!!

- more adventurous events

- Gua Tempurung!!!

- Pulau Redang

- getting a little bit more serious on studies

- getting a more stable lifestyle

- waiting for the "right" one

- reunion among classmates

- maybe taller by abit =X

- learn how to save money.....='(

Last entry of the year. Happy New Year 2008 guys =)

**updated 31st Jan 2007 12.16pm**

By the way...There are a lot more events and photos actually but I can't seem to recall some of them...and my old photo album has been erased T_T

See you guys next year.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

beach at christmas

It's Christmas. Everyone's probably going out celebrating with friends and family. Some went out yesterday for the countdown at Portuguese Settlement since it's a grand event here. Some simply just settle at a cafe nearby chit-chatting til the clock strikes 12. Some stay at home, celebrating with families while some just stay at home watchin tv or take it as a normal day =X

Well..I'm not sure if this year's event is better than last year but hope my friends did have a blast.

Then come's Christmas...There isn't anything going on anyway, but for this year's Christmas the very same group of people went badminton pulak ~_~ As usual we had our lunch, then later one of them suggest wanna go see the beach somewhere at Ujong Pasir. For what I know the beach nearby the settlement is quite as good place already. There's always Klebang beach but each grain of sand got pratically oWnED by hotels, condos, houses ~_~


o.O The beach has a higher expectation than I expected. It's windy (yes!! perfect for me) The view's just nice for the scenery, and the perfect angle to watch the sun setting down. Oh..and a great place to shout all your troubles if you want =)

if you can see closely there're people fishing

It's about 4.30 when I took this picture, don't expect me to wait 2-3 more hours just to take some orange ball going down to take photo and post it here huh??

sitting..and thinking...

Can't imagine how it's gonna be like if the sun really sets, or how the view's like in the night.

lower view, rocks rocks and more ROCKS

on the left you can see rocks~~

on the right...wanna guess? if correct you get a rock =D

Okay it's more rocky than bitchy beachy. Heck, I nearly slipped one of the rocks filled with moss all over.

it's quite a deserted place here (M to show) =P

i bet in 10 years that space is gonna be a condo =.=

Very spacey around this place...There's light in the night at least but quite risky if you go alone =X

omg...who left the fish here to its destiny ~_~

unexpected...i think there're iguanas or comodos nearby

Next time I sure bring my girlfriend to these kind of place. =P

Sunday, December 23, 2007

christmas greetings

I just received a few links regarding christmas. It's simply cute and irresistable xD
Check them out.

So kawaii~~~~ LoL yes I know I'll shut up =X

Merry Christmas everyone!!

tang yuen

Yesterday my family had this tang yuen celebration going on yearly.

I...kinda forget how this tang yuen story goes again, but it roughly represents that we're going 1 year older. Walawe...dah la 18, got celebration saying we've gone older lagi. =_=|| Well...can't say the same for New Year.

It's something we've been doing ever since I was born, something like a family reunion thing.

living room


This house in Taman Merdeka has been passing on for generations and generations. Neh's the place for newly weds to stay at 1st before finding a new home =/ I wonder who came out with this idea ~_~

bz bz bz

It's always full of work around here; preparing lunch, layan the kids (exclude me le hor), pray for our ancestors' blessings, some cleanups, and of course...what else without TANG YUEN!!! i forgot to take photo T.T

Don't ask me what is it, lazy wanna explain lar don't feel like explaining it right now...please ask someone else =)

all set and ready

haha, kena marah xD

looking away ~_~

Then I noticed something...You don't see doors like this nowadays huh...some of the stuffs here are getting more and more antique.

look more on the brown wooden door

entah dah beberapa tahun dah...and the scale beside too...and the fan, lol

Well...a picture states a thousand words in it, and since I'm really getting lazier by the moment, here are some random photos around. So...10 pictures means 10k of words tau =D

everyone looking at the photo album

close up view

OmG~ my uncle last time that en dao, guess it runs in the genes, LoL

my 2 cousins

these 2 have been in the same place for a couple of years now =)

alrite its lunch time!!

children 1st...blek

my mom's curry!!! they're the best.ever



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按住alt 然后按 2 4 5 5 5 最后放开alt
按住alt 然后按 2 0 0 4 8 最后放开alt
会有神奇 4个字出现

try it =)

Friday, December 21, 2007

picture crazy

Check it out what happens next after you highlighted the picture below. they do it??

*due to lack of pictures regarding last post I'm just feeling lazy. I don't feel like posting yet*

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A trip off the daily usuals (1)

Alright peeps I'm gonna post this one all on words, since well...I don't really have any camera, then others all canggih-canggih until I also malu wanna use mine T.T heck, I'm sure you all got bored of the same boring content that I bragged about last post

Gua Tempurung, next time you're mine!!

Just two days ago I went on a trip organized by Jasmaine to Ipoh. Thanks man~~ It's my 2nd time following her trip + 2 years seniors yet no discount or special offer pun. ~_~

so stressful even can see dolphins as cow

The last two days simply made my mind off all those troublesome thinking : stress, homework, assignment, tutorials, summary, mmu stuffs, a guy that constantly reminds me how loyal he is to a gal -.- etc. If I wasn't that tired to start out with it would've been better. There are some ketidakpuasan hati but I don't buy it, =) Some of my friends argue saying something wrong with me, following some secondary school field trip, I kinda admit that...haha, nonetheless, I still had fun with all these crazy fellas I knew. I swear if I hadn't went for this trip probably I forget some of them..I kinda recalled most of their names : (gonna be long)

Jasmaine, Wen Si, the TUNGs, Melanie, Carolyn, Shwu Pei, Xinyan, Shareen, Qing Quan, Hui Sin, Sharon, Sanjay, Mahen, Samuel, Kai Loon, Joshua, Wei Ming, Rui Han, Hong Yuen, Sing Han, Tak Jie, Kok Seong, Jun Xin, Edmund, erm.....Andrew, a guy that I tak kenal.....anyone else I'm missing??

Although there are some that I'm not even close to, but there are still others just like to play monkey with me.

what monkeys do best.

I have to admit the way I do things in school days and now seems different. Some things people grow up out of life in just a matter of time. If you ask me what is the purpose of life, or what the hell I'm talking about, I'm just as curious as you. Come to think of it........making me feel sleepy, LoL


I'll continue more about how the trip goes another time....Damn those sunburns.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The raining did NOT stopped

After an estimation of 15 hours non-stop raining, it finally stopped...

I wonder why god's been crying so long lately. More than a drizzle, less than a rain, but with the amount of raindrops fallen, it would have drowned the whole Melaka city back into sea by now.

the 2 buckets that was left outside last nite went overload this morning

1 of my friend mentioned each raindrop represents a person's sadness in this world, preferable in this area. Is everyone tat sad....and long?? They say raining days makes people feel gloomy, can't agree more..but for 15 hours you gotta admit that's over the limit.

morning, outside my house. least it makes me sleep-like-pig-til-i-nearly-forgotten-there's-class-at-10am-so-i-ma-force-myself-like-!@#%$!@ last night =P

*updated* 7.20pm 6th Dec 2007

I take back what I said, just had a glance outside my house....The rain did NOT stopped after all -.-" sedih lar..stop crying feet gone all wet and smelly T.T

*up-updated* 12.32am 7th Dec 2007

It finally stopped at 11pm!! so roughly estimated it rained for about 20 hours...god that was long =/

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Deep thoughts

Have you ever sit down on a warm and cozy chair, sipping a cup of Milo, and a fan just by your side blowing the chills off your feet?

B l a h. Even some islander also know how to use fan. What I mean is some place where the breath-taking view, the beautiful surroundings, the clear blue atmosphere, the non-toxicated fresh air, the enchanted melody etc.

This is some of the place where you can actually stand for hours, watching the sun setting down, or even rising up, while the breeze from the just simply fan-tastic. Sadly in Melaka you don't see any beach with clear blue sea, probably green and brown the whole way; trash littering every corner, dog poops, even by pet owners and many more. But in the night, it all don't count. All you got is lights from the moon, and probably a street lamp by the side, by the beach, adding on with the breeze I mentioned earlier just now.

*Sony K618 does not support night photos, due to lack of lights*

It's-simply-breath-taking. You can even listen to the waves, close your eyes...and think like a wave....Ok nevermind that. Anyway, it's thing like these, makes you wonder how the world go round, giving a big thought of yourself, your problems, your affairs, it helps the mind to think further, exploring more options....After all, the breeze is something like an inspiration to kick-start your day eh?

Don't get me wrong, it's not only in the beach and in the night you'll get these kind of things. Lying down on a grass field, looking up towards the trees (coconut trees in this case) and let the wind do the talking.

The lake is a not-so-bad view too, but I'm more talking about the calm and cool wind.

Nowadays there seems to be more wind blowing in here, but no rain. Those wind seems to give me a wild thought, thus made me daydream even in the middle of the day. Our MMU new FOSEE building is one of the fine examples I like to chill at.

new FOSEE building view from the top (raining)
from this direction the wind blow like mad xD

another side

I just like winds lar ok??? Can actually made me think big, kinda wasting my time by just letting the wind blew, but hey it's a "sport", just gotta learn how to appreciate it. My guessing in Cyber there's gonna be a place just like it.