Thursday, December 6, 2007

The raining did NOT stopped

After an estimation of 15 hours non-stop raining, it finally stopped...

I wonder why god's been crying so long lately. More than a drizzle, less than a rain, but with the amount of raindrops fallen, it would have drowned the whole Melaka city back into sea by now.

the 2 buckets that was left outside last nite went overload this morning

1 of my friend mentioned each raindrop represents a person's sadness in this world, preferable in this area. Is everyone tat sad....and long?? They say raining days makes people feel gloomy, can't agree more..but for 15 hours you gotta admit that's over the limit.

morning, outside my house. least it makes me sleep-like-pig-til-i-nearly-forgotten-there's-class-at-10am-so-i-ma-force-myself-like-!@#%$!@ last night =P

*updated* 7.20pm 6th Dec 2007

I take back what I said, just had a glance outside my house....The rain did NOT stopped after all -.-" sedih lar..stop crying feet gone all wet and smelly T.T

*up-updated* 12.32am 7th Dec 2007

It finally stopped at 11pm!! so roughly estimated it rained for about 20 hours...god that was long =/

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