Sunday, December 2, 2007

Deep thoughts

Have you ever sit down on a warm and cozy chair, sipping a cup of Milo, and a fan just by your side blowing the chills off your feet?

B l a h. Even some islander also know how to use fan. What I mean is some place where the breath-taking view, the beautiful surroundings, the clear blue atmosphere, the non-toxicated fresh air, the enchanted melody etc.

This is some of the place where you can actually stand for hours, watching the sun setting down, or even rising up, while the breeze from the just simply fan-tastic. Sadly in Melaka you don't see any beach with clear blue sea, probably green and brown the whole way; trash littering every corner, dog poops, even by pet owners and many more. But in the night, it all don't count. All you got is lights from the moon, and probably a street lamp by the side, by the beach, adding on with the breeze I mentioned earlier just now.

*Sony K618 does not support night photos, due to lack of lights*

It's-simply-breath-taking. You can even listen to the waves, close your eyes...and think like a wave....Ok nevermind that. Anyway, it's thing like these, makes you wonder how the world go round, giving a big thought of yourself, your problems, your affairs, it helps the mind to think further, exploring more options....After all, the breeze is something like an inspiration to kick-start your day eh?

Don't get me wrong, it's not only in the beach and in the night you'll get these kind of things. Lying down on a grass field, looking up towards the trees (coconut trees in this case) and let the wind do the talking.

The lake is a not-so-bad view too, but I'm more talking about the calm and cool wind.

Nowadays there seems to be more wind blowing in here, but no rain. Those wind seems to give me a wild thought, thus made me daydream even in the middle of the day. Our MMU new FOSEE building is one of the fine examples I like to chill at.

new FOSEE building view from the top (raining)
from this direction the wind blow like mad xD

another side

I just like winds lar ok??? Can actually made me think big, kinda wasting my time by just letting the wind blew, but hey it's a "sport", just gotta learn how to appreciate it. My guessing in Cyber there's gonna be a place just like it.

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Kenta said...

Haha..I agree wit you...
Wind have special magical power that makes you feel cool~~