Sunday, December 23, 2007

tang yuen

Yesterday my family had this tang yuen celebration going on yearly.

I...kinda forget how this tang yuen story goes again, but it roughly represents that we're going 1 year older. Walawe...dah la 18, got celebration saying we've gone older lagi. =_=|| Well...can't say the same for New Year.

It's something we've been doing ever since I was born, something like a family reunion thing.

living room


This house in Taman Merdeka has been passing on for generations and generations. Neh's the place for newly weds to stay at 1st before finding a new home =/ I wonder who came out with this idea ~_~

bz bz bz

It's always full of work around here; preparing lunch, layan the kids (exclude me le hor), pray for our ancestors' blessings, some cleanups, and of course...what else without TANG YUEN!!! i forgot to take photo T.T

Don't ask me what is it, lazy wanna explain lar don't feel like explaining it right now...please ask someone else =)

all set and ready

haha, kena marah xD

looking away ~_~

Then I noticed something...You don't see doors like this nowadays huh...some of the stuffs here are getting more and more antique.

look more on the brown wooden door

entah dah beberapa tahun dah...and the scale beside too...and the fan, lol

Well...a picture states a thousand words in it, and since I'm really getting lazier by the moment, here are some random photos around. So...10 pictures means 10k of words tau =D

everyone looking at the photo album

close up view

OmG~ my uncle last time that en dao, guess it runs in the genes, LoL

my 2 cousins

these 2 have been in the same place for a couple of years now =)

alrite its lunch time!!

children 1st...blek

my mom's curry!!! they're the best.ever


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