Tuesday, December 25, 2007

beach at christmas

It's Christmas. Everyone's probably going out celebrating with friends and family. Some went out yesterday for the countdown at Portuguese Settlement since it's a grand event here. Some simply just settle at a cafe nearby chit-chatting til the clock strikes 12. Some stay at home, celebrating with families while some just stay at home watchin tv or take it as a normal day =X

Well..I'm not sure if this year's event is better than last year but hope my friends did have a blast.

Then come's Christmas...There isn't anything going on anyway, but for this year's Christmas the very same group of people went badminton pulak ~_~ As usual we had our lunch, then later one of them suggest wanna go see the beach somewhere at Ujong Pasir. For what I know the beach nearby the settlement is quite as good place already. There's always Klebang beach but each grain of sand got pratically oWnED by hotels, condos, houses ~_~


o.O The beach has a higher expectation than I expected. It's windy (yes!! perfect for me) The view's just nice for the scenery, and the perfect angle to watch the sun setting down. Oh..and a great place to shout all your troubles if you want =)

if you can see closely there're people fishing

It's about 4.30 when I took this picture, don't expect me to wait 2-3 more hours just to take some orange ball going down to take photo and post it here huh??

sitting..and thinking...

Can't imagine how it's gonna be like if the sun really sets, or how the view's like in the night.

lower view, rocks rocks and more ROCKS

on the left you can see rocks~~

on the right...wanna guess? if correct you get a rock =D

Okay it's more rocky than bitchy beachy. Heck, I nearly slipped one of the rocks filled with moss all over.

it's quite a deserted place here (M to show) =P

i bet in 10 years that space is gonna be a condo =.=

Very spacey around this place...There's light in the night at least but quite risky if you go alone =X

omg...who left the fish here to its destiny ~_~

unexpected...i think there're iguanas or comodos nearby

Next time I sure bring my girlfriend to these kind of place. =P

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AdRiaN said...

ceh wa ceh...go beach sia...scenery reli nice, most important got WIND!!!sad la din get to follow u guys, hope to hv more time spent together do some outings activities den take more pics more the sake of memories and frenship XD