Saturday, December 29, 2007

2007 review

Things I've done in 2007:

- celebrated friend's birthday party ALOT

- celebrated MY own birthday too =P

- parties parties parties....

- had cny gathering, but didn't manage to go with some

- worked as a promoter in JJ, made some crazy friends

- worked as a waiter in some major company dinner (and I looked weird in a vest)

- further my studies in MMU

- met some old friends in MMU

- had new friends in MMU too =)

- learn how to drive!!! =D

- had my 1st accident...learn how to report case

- had my 2nd accident =.=

- dated once...didn't turn out well

- went to the following cafe:

Mori, Witchery Ider
Continental Cafe
One Planet Cafe
Pearl Cafe
Friends Cafe

- went Sunway Lagoon and Sunway in Tambun for hot spring

- starting to go out more often than usual

- exploring more on the "dark" side, and by dark I mean night

- had a first self-organised trip just between friends

- changed a new hairstyle

- had snails for dinner.....uekk

- grow up into a better man =) ceh waa ceh

Things I probably missed throughout this year:

- more traveling throughout other states

- a few trips cause I back out =x

- less communicate with relatives...

- wished I had more time with my cousin from Aus

- didn't get a chance to meet any of my kai mui

- find my other "half"

- pub...LoL

Hopes for year 2008:

- more trips!!!

- more adventurous events

- Gua Tempurung!!!

- Pulau Redang

- getting a little bit more serious on studies

- getting a more stable lifestyle

- waiting for the "right" one

- reunion among classmates

- maybe taller by abit =X

- learn how to save money.....='(

Last entry of the year. Happy New Year 2008 guys =)

**updated 31st Jan 2007 12.16pm**

By the way...There are a lot more events and photos actually but I can't seem to recall some of them...and my old photo album has been erased T_T

See you guys next year.


AdRiaN said...

Lol...yet again i hv to say, so fast one yr past ad...was like juz a few months back since the last countdown to me...and we're going to hv another countdown in wat?another one more day?haha...last yr nv reli taken any pics, budden tis yr muz rmb to take ad lo...can post inside here oso...mb get another t-shirt tis yr? XD one yr went thru so many events quite meaningful le hor?i mean thru out d whole yr can see many changes ad...and yea...tis yr memang celebrate super lots bday @@ buat kita pokai saje (jkjk XD) anyway ur blog stil lack of another group photo of us old frens...hope can update sikit la hor? come my face oso din appear much? XD budden ok la...hv to say ur blog is quite nicely done...keep it up +u +u...hope to see more updated pics nx yr even though if i'm in cyberjaya nx last wish u hv lots of fun no matter wif old frens, new frens or future frens...ok yr although short budden quite memorable in mmu oso...juz wanna let u know ur a special fren although always crap here crap there a lot XD wish u happy new yr ur blog~ (mb shud post tis in frenster comment instead?haha...same la...tis one considered another official testimonial for the yr =D)

-EdwiN- said...