Saturday, February 28, 2009


short note:

this is quite funny, and rather true itself lol~ for those who cant understand you can send a message i'll try to translate for you guys (although knowing that i'll be damn lazy la)

















Monday, February 23, 2009

my friend's getting married!!

Sunday, February 22nd 2009

Edwin: Hello?
Aaron: Wei Edwin ah..wanna hear the good news anot??
Edwin: ????? What good news??
Aaron: *giggles* You guess lah.
Edwin: *confused* What??? Apa good news lar just tell.
Aaron: *giggles somemore* Da Wei's getting married.
Edwin: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EHHH?!?!! SERIOUS AR?! Bila Bila??
Aaron: March 28th, so he's asking me to invite you if you can come anot to his wedding dinner on that day.
Edwin: Wah! Eh..I think it's during our midterm break kan??
Aaron: Ya.
Edwin: Then on liao la, I make sure I put myself free on that day.
Aaron: If Da Wei pull me to become his "buddy" I sure pull you along one.
Edwin: !!@#$%^&*() *non-vulgar word* *giving excuses*
Aaron: *giggles abit* (my friend likes to giggle alot) Then you also become his "buddy" la on that day.

*talks about how misfortune lucky being picked as "buddy", you know..the one that follows the groom wherever he goes, doing all the silly dancing and singing stuffs just to please the bride to come down*

Oh my god!! One of my friend is actually getting married!! Friend! FRIEND!!! Normally the ones we (at this age) attend are relative's or probably parent's friend's elder son or daughter, which probably won't know that many people around. This is something a whole new experience! Getting so excited!! Buka arak!!! xD

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Maple at Midnight

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

a little request

short note:

I haven't post about my new year resolution and what I did last year.. FAIL!

I haven't update my blog as frequent when I was back in hometown.. FAIL!

I haven't even post about my CNY lagi... LAGI FAIL!!!



I got a minor request from a friend on how to add her signature after every post like some of the blogs I viewed. First of all...


Type your signature and edit how you want it to be. For me I choose this!

To use the signature, they're a few "Want to use this signature?", copy the URL link and paste it in Post Template

- log in to

- go to Setting, then Format

- paste the code in Post Template

So the next time you write a new post, you don't have to manually copy and paste the url all the time, just type and go.

This is the easy step lar..If you want more refer to this guide or simply browse his blog for other tips. =)

As for me I edited my signature a bit a bit, making it to the right.

Hope this guide helps, took me some time to research a little, although I know can leave signature one la..Now I finally got one my own!!

There you go Ashley =)

Monday, February 2, 2009

cny? too fast

I was blog hopping around until I came across this post and watched the youtube post.

Surprisingly each of these cny ads there's a meaning inside, so from blog-hopping I went youtube-hopping until I saw this...

go watch in youtube for better view.

Wet liquid fluid starting to form underneath my eyes when reaching the end of the clip..Seriously, it's too quick to go back to study, too quick.