Saturday, January 26, 2008


This video might be old but I thought better showing to some of you folks.

Wonder what's next for the coming Perodua MyVi huh??


I was out with my friends for...probably 1 hour plus, the next thing I knew..there's bird poo all over my car!!


Did you guys know HOW LONG I TOOK TO WASH THE CAR, SENT FOR REPAIR, WASH AGAIN, and now you ************* simply can't shit on other cars???????

My god just aim on a FERRARI while you're at it, or any MERZ, BMW, MAZDA, or ANY LUXURY CARS, and not some PROTON for goodness sake!!


I'm just releasing my anger for my beloved waja (actually it's my moms'..I'm just using it) to those dumass b*st*rds!! guys can ignore this post, fuuuhhhhh.........

Well..I can't blame on birds entirely.

Damn you bats!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

kiam siap

short note:

There wont be any much photos around these coming few posts, can't upload any current some old photos but I'll try my best not to BORTIFIED you guys


Chinese New Year is around the corner...did I say that before? Nevermind. As usual my mom bought alot and I mean ALOT of boxes of BOX DRINKS. Show you guys next time how scary is it. I mean...more than a dozen cartons...haven add with my dad's cartons of CARLSBERG lagi since last year.

...umm I just upload them with my dad's cam, so anyway..

there's more....

my much is per carton of these things??

we're not rich, we're just obsessed with drinking.

Support YEOS and CARLSBERG!!!! Anyway...this morning me and my mom went shopping at Giant before buying dozens of boxes above. Today is the ONLY offer selling a box of YEOS box drink for rm12.68. Usual price was rm16.38, so they discount about... *counts* rm3.70, and to think my mom NOT knowing there's an offer is like driving without a steering wheel.

My mom's a great saver. She can really be a cheap smart consumer at times. Heck, she even brought a pack of 1 cent coins!!! It's not a wonder why she bought so many..still lose to another uncle that bought 20 FREAKIN' BOXES! How kiasu can we be? xD After that an aunty came up to me and warned me to make sure they discounted the price BEFORE paying for it otherwise no refund. Another uncle didn't notice it earlier, so for a rm3.70, he bising gao gao sampai to the complain office, yet..didn't get his money back, sad.

My mom pun sama, when the cashier punched rm34++ for a 5kg rice he mistaken the old price tag with the new one by 2 bucks....

*mom fights with cashier*

*people at the queue watches, some grumbling*

*Edwin walks away quickly*

*moments later, everything settled*

*Edwin comes back*

I had my part of story too....

at a local mamak store..

2 roti canai telur + 1 roti canai kosong + 1 teh-o ais limau = rm4.80

*pays 5 ringgit*

*happily chatting with friends*

*so long, haven't return change*

*seeks counter, complains*


Edwin : "I call police ah I tell you. You Halal no sell p*rk."

Boss : "We Halal memang no sell p*rk."

Edwin : "Oh...then I report you go toilet no wash hands."

Boss : !?!?

Ok I made up the last part...stupid i know so diam, but even for 20 cents...or 1 cents, memang tak sanggup kasi orang.

Monday, January 21, 2008

tight jeans...

MAJOR disadvantages of wearing tight jeans :

1. it's so tight you can hardly breathe

2. it's even harder when you sit or kneel (oh the agony)

3. it fits your jewels just nice, leaving no space at all

4. you can't eat too full, or even try to gain weight if you wanna wear them again

5. where's the comfortness when you need one huh??

6. if a disaster strikes, you would be the last person to escape (tight restrictions)


MAJOR advantages of wearing tight jeans :

1. it's so tight, confirm people can't steal from your pockets easily

2. ...umm..... sometimes it looks cool?

3. ...uhm... i think.. showing how fleshy we are is ok...

4. ...

5. ...


which I wanna add more into the DISADVANTAGES :

7. it's too blarrrrrrrrrdy tight, you can BARELY fit your handphones, wallets, keychains, love notes, weeds without people noticing in the first place. so in the end, you're holding it instead, a snatch thief passes by and do what they do best =D

... Next time, I'm shopping with gals instead.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

cny mood

Chinese New Year is around the corner!! I would like to share this


to everyone wishing Happy Chinese New Year in advance!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


My friends and I went thought of going swimming in Sunway Lagoon last Tuesday. We're so damn ready, and as your everyday local Malaysian..who doesn't want any discounts or cheap stuffs, better yet...FREE!!!

My friend told me, if you're a student in Sunway, you can use your ID card and play the attractions (that includes sunway lagoon water theme park & extreme park, but i'm not sure bout others lar) for free. FREE!! It's like their lifetime entrance fee is included inside their registration fee.

So anyway...knowing that it's FREE we borrowed some ID cards for the 3 of us, and luckily, their ID card is not printed unlike MMU, so that means....


All you need is :

1. ID card

2. passport size photo

3. scissors

4. tape/glue/rubber/anythin-that-holds

Just cut the photo out and nicely paste it on below the card. Then presto! Time to play =P

in the process

...Okay lar be realistic abit. Anyhow you must make your fake ID 100% perfect enough to convince the guard there. I mean...what if you're caught huh? huh??

Here are the possibilities :

- guard checks for your IC, die

- your fake ID doesn't even look real at all

- your photo slips off at last moment

- guard bans you and the person who borrowed you from going into theme park *nooooo*

- guard praises you for a VERY JOB WELL get his point

come to the worse...


...So in the end we decided not to use the card. It looks so fake, we cry hard, cannot save money. It's illegal to forge and ID you know? Let this be a painful lesson to me everyone. So anyway...we went there with high hopes, obviously expecting a large hole in our pockets lar, but guess what happen next......

We cry harder.

disclaimer note:

We did NOT attempt to use the card nor promote forging it. This is purely for entertainment only. The writer is not responsible for any losses or any attempts acted.

*pls dun sue me T_T*


Thursday, January 17, 2008


Thanks Andrew for the shuffle video clip. This is something you guys gotta see to believe!

If it doesn't work, just try this link HERE.



......I lose to this kid WAY WAY OVER THE LIMIT.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

changing sleeping habits

Lifestyle in mmu and lifestyle in sunway is quite a different story (well..actually, depends on who the people are). I reached sunway at about noon. Here's how things going so far. (in a very very VERY summarised version*

*arrived friend's apartment*


*sleep rest awhile*

*see friend play dota*


*dinner at 10*


*woke up, look around*



*breakfast lunch brunch at 12pm*

*rest before going pyramid pyramid**




*dinner supper at midnight*

*watch naruto*



Upcoming events:




*sleep some more*




Ok la not really like that, just that living here for a few days is really influencing badly on my timetable. It's like....back home I just sleep a full 8-hour rest for a whole day. Theirs is like....

sleep -

2 hours in the morning
+ 2 hours in the noon
+ 1 hour in the evening
+ 3 in the night midnight

= 8 hours

Wah!! Cannot tahan, we all also starting to follow >.<

Umm umm......It's 3am now...think I know what to do next


Saturday, January 12, 2008


short note:

picking the right clothes to pack up is troublesome...
picking the right luggage is worse -.-

i'm going kl tomorrow!!!


I sorta skipped breakfast and lunch today...not because I wanted to, just that I missed breakfast, then went badminton in the noon until about 5-6pm, so yeah...

Anyway...was starving like mad waiting for my mom to cook dinner or my dad to bring us out makan. It's always a battle between my parents to see who gives up first, then me in the middle, aduh....

Mom : under mom strike, NOT wanting to cook for tonight.
(its a weekend)

Dad : under dad strike, NOT wanting to drive out for dinner.
(nyeh..just an excuse to be lazy)

Edwin : "PLEASE LA!!! I'm damn hungry right now faster finish the war!!"
(as long as can eat)

In the end my dad cannot tahan also go out on dinner. =P
Here's how the situation goes.

*before going out*


Dad : "ok, tonight we go Kota Laksamana there eat ROTI TAMPAR."

Family : "NOOOOOO!!!! Duwan!!!!!!" *nags*

*halfway driving*


Dad : "ok nevermind, we take PLAN B."

Edwin : "Huh? PLAN B??"

Dad : "Makan yi keow noodle sana."

Edwin : ....

*pass by shop, shop closed*

Dad : "Shop closed, back to PLAN A."

Edwin : ....


*takes back route to PLAN A*

*family continues to nag*

*reach Kota Laksamana*

*nags seribu kali lebih*

Mom : "There's one shop nearby their hokkien mee not bad."

Edwin : "Gogogo. Start looking start looking."

*starts searching*

*failed to search*


Dad : "Now time for PLAN D."

Edwin : " PLAN C meh??" (without knowing before that was PLAN C)

In the end we settled in a wantan noodle store at somewhere Kampung Lapan. Haha, my dad can't really decide properly.

Like father like son. =X

Friday, January 11, 2008

time square theme park opinion

short note:

I just wash my car!!! Hah! Beat that. I bet that saves up to rm5-10, which they probably wash 5-10 times better than mine, which means my effortless effort cost....rm1 = ="


I went COSMO WORLD Theme Park at Berjaya Times Square with some of my classmates last Sunday. For an 18 year old boy a 19 year old guy I just can't stop addict myself from going adventurous events. (erk...something like that) Anyway...the only thing SUITABLE for our age is probably the thriller rides. are my personal rating.

Supersonic Odyssey

Personally I like genting one better cause its higher and of course more syok, but its ok I have fun with it. The only thing annoying is that we have to wait for a blardy long 20 minutes just for a 2 minute round. NOT for the faint-hearted. =X

personal rating : 7/10

Spinning Orbit

It's not even scary at all. It's just....high. For those who are acrophobia this would takes up the challenge, not me. (hehe) but it's damn cooling on top, 1 ride your wet hair confirm dried up kontang kering.

personal rating : 5/10

DNA Mixer

This one confirm fly the balls off your pants, if you have any. Instead of the ol-boring horizontal circles, this one went vertical, in speed. O.o If you baru makan, and went for this attraction, confirm 101% that you'll puke even before the ride ended. We just went once...not that we cant tahan any longer, erm.....ok we chicken out, bluekkkk. But be warned ur valuables might drop off anytime, my necklace was on the edge of dropping. =.=""

personal rating : 7.5/10

Ooort's Expresss

This one isn't that exciting, but sure makes up for its speed. I mean...okay lets say there's 2 person in a row, the thing turns faster and faster, the faster it is, the more er....force right? so the higher the force, until at one part too high the person next to you also pulled towards you. (something like that lar....) I was the one outside, enjoying it at first, all of sudden my friend terus langgar from the side, uuughhhhhh. Then we play counter-force with it, but got 1 time he sengaja lepas tangan then langgar me 1 more time. =.= 1 thing bad though it lasted for a couple of minute, some because the person in charge PURPOSELY don't want to stop the machine even if you beg for mercy, so they hit the green button AGAIN doubling the time. I tell you this is an act of discrimination, discrimation!!!

personal rating : 6/10

Dizzy Izzy

This one ain't dizzy at all. Most of the seats aren't even moving at all, just the octopus-looking-machine-with-rockets-attached-to-its-legs. Except mine....LoL, anyway this "thriller" ride is also just a chill to me, nothing more.

personal rating : 4.5/10

Space Attack

I didn't go for this one cause it's under maintainance, but judging by how high the attraction is, and expecting the ships turning 360 degrees, I would say thumbs up =D

personal rating : N/A

Overall....nothing still beats better than...

i swear i don't know this gal, ooh look cars

Robo Crash!!! Bumper cars are the best!! Bumps here bumps there, more fun when you know you got targeted by at least 6 bumpers (hehe, you know who you are) *bump* *bump* Just wish it can go faster abit. =/ I'm a bumper pro, gwahahaha~~

personal rating : 1028573/10

Okay I exaggerated that part.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

i didn't cry

I received a message yesterday night, regardless I didn't notice earlier until about half an hour later, the content goes like this.

"Win.. After a long think.. I finally get an ans.. I am sorry.. Fr wat we did b4.. I think we cant be a couple.. Is not ur fault but is mine.. After a long time..I reli dun hav 2 love feel 2wards u.. I am so sorry..But i hope we can stil be good fren.. I am sorry.. I can lie 2wards u.. Sorry.. Hope u can find ur true love"

Excuse the english...but the meaning inside is clear. Although this sort of message may kill the living soul out of you hurt your feeling badly, but I've learnt that these things, are just part of life, that every creature (including plants, if they have a choice) bound to face.

I'm okay really, the only thing I concerned was to tell her stop crying because of me, and other reasons. I'll gone soft easily. >.< But now she's fine, so I'm glad that's over. All in all, I have no regrets, and enjoyed the process (sorta) and all the times we had fun together.

There are times when a person gotta know when to hold on, when to let go, when to give up. Let's just say...this sort of thing isn't new for me anymore, so I accept the situation with no regret. I remembered when I got rejected for the first time, I was almost under heavy depression, but in the end everything went as usual. As time goes by there are other stories but let's not go there. And finally...

I've learnt...not to cry. =)

clock dreaming

If you're bored, and simply counting time or looking at blogs to kill time, den by all means GO TO THIS LINK


Confirm the singing last forever....LoL

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

lazy edwin

I'm getting lazier nowadays, even at blogging.

I was suppose to post this topic before I went kl with my classmates last sunday.

uncommon day

Saturday, 5th January 2008
(notice how late is the date?)

Yesterday was the last day for us to study like mad for calculus. As usual everybody sure diam diam in their house til the next day...I on the other hand, went to the pet shop with my family cause my sis' wanna buy the hamster I simply cruise around and take photo of things tat seems unusual.


Then I came across this weird looking fishes. Kinda looked like the mini dark version of Flounder in Finding Nemo. xD Well...I took a few photos only, after all CALCULUS more important right?? right??

skinny little fishies

fish!!! i want moar

this looks like 1 of those star wars movies, shooting laser around xD

birds! of course there are hamsters mice iguanas etc etc

I was suppose to continue saying how my day went after that. Got sick before Calculus; heavy headache + high fever + distracting television series + computer alone = can't study. Then how I bersungguh-sungguh push on, GWAHAHAHA




I'm hopeless ='(

Friday, January 4, 2008


Things that people would do to kill their past time even though the lecturer's TEACHING in class.

nice glasses


I can't tell you who this person is cause wanna respect his private policy even though he posted himself in friendster, so by any chance you clicking this link has got nothing to do with me.

Nyahaha, just wanna entertain myself before continuing my studies. =P

Thursday, January 3, 2008

gone to finals

no updates for the coming few days.








Yeah!! Perfect start for the beginning of new year