Wednesday, January 23, 2008

kiam siap

short note:

There wont be any much photos around these coming few posts, can't upload any current some old photos but I'll try my best not to BORTIFIED you guys


Chinese New Year is around the corner...did I say that before? Nevermind. As usual my mom bought alot and I mean ALOT of boxes of BOX DRINKS. Show you guys next time how scary is it. I mean...more than a dozen cartons...haven add with my dad's cartons of CARLSBERG lagi since last year.

...umm I just upload them with my dad's cam, so anyway..

there's more....

my much is per carton of these things??

we're not rich, we're just obsessed with drinking.

Support YEOS and CARLSBERG!!!! Anyway...this morning me and my mom went shopping at Giant before buying dozens of boxes above. Today is the ONLY offer selling a box of YEOS box drink for rm12.68. Usual price was rm16.38, so they discount about... *counts* rm3.70, and to think my mom NOT knowing there's an offer is like driving without a steering wheel.

My mom's a great saver. She can really be a cheap smart consumer at times. Heck, she even brought a pack of 1 cent coins!!! It's not a wonder why she bought so many..still lose to another uncle that bought 20 FREAKIN' BOXES! How kiasu can we be? xD After that an aunty came up to me and warned me to make sure they discounted the price BEFORE paying for it otherwise no refund. Another uncle didn't notice it earlier, so for a rm3.70, he bising gao gao sampai to the complain office, yet..didn't get his money back, sad.

My mom pun sama, when the cashier punched rm34++ for a 5kg rice he mistaken the old price tag with the new one by 2 bucks....

*mom fights with cashier*

*people at the queue watches, some grumbling*

*Edwin walks away quickly*

*moments later, everything settled*

*Edwin comes back*

I had my part of story too....

at a local mamak store..

2 roti canai telur + 1 roti canai kosong + 1 teh-o ais limau = rm4.80

*pays 5 ringgit*

*happily chatting with friends*

*so long, haven't return change*

*seeks counter, complains*


Edwin : "I call police ah I tell you. You Halal no sell p*rk."

Boss : "We Halal memang no sell p*rk."

Edwin : "Oh...then I report you go toilet no wash hands."

Boss : !?!?

Ok I made up the last part...stupid i know so diam, but even for 20 cents...or 1 cents, memang tak sanggup kasi orang.

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