Saturday, January 19, 2008


My friends and I went thought of going swimming in Sunway Lagoon last Tuesday. We're so damn ready, and as your everyday local Malaysian..who doesn't want any discounts or cheap stuffs, better yet...FREE!!!

My friend told me, if you're a student in Sunway, you can use your ID card and play the attractions (that includes sunway lagoon water theme park & extreme park, but i'm not sure bout others lar) for free. FREE!! It's like their lifetime entrance fee is included inside their registration fee.

So anyway...knowing that it's FREE we borrowed some ID cards for the 3 of us, and luckily, their ID card is not printed unlike MMU, so that means....


All you need is :

1. ID card

2. passport size photo

3. scissors

4. tape/glue/rubber/anythin-that-holds

Just cut the photo out and nicely paste it on below the card. Then presto! Time to play =P

in the process

...Okay lar be realistic abit. Anyhow you must make your fake ID 100% perfect enough to convince the guard there. I mean...what if you're caught huh? huh??

Here are the possibilities :

- guard checks for your IC, die

- your fake ID doesn't even look real at all

- your photo slips off at last moment

- guard bans you and the person who borrowed you from going into theme park *nooooo*

- guard praises you for a VERY JOB WELL get his point

come to the worse...


...So in the end we decided not to use the card. It looks so fake, we cry hard, cannot save money. It's illegal to forge and ID you know? Let this be a painful lesson to me everyone. So anyway...we went there with high hopes, obviously expecting a large hole in our pockets lar, but guess what happen next......

We cry harder.

disclaimer note:

We did NOT attempt to use the card nor promote forging it. This is purely for entertainment only. The writer is not responsible for any losses or any attempts acted.

*pls dun sue me T_T*


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