Tuesday, January 8, 2008

lazy edwin

I'm getting lazier nowadays, even at blogging.

I was suppose to post this topic before I went kl with my classmates last sunday.

uncommon day

Saturday, 5th January 2008
(notice how late is the date?)

Yesterday was the last day for us to study like mad for calculus. As usual everybody sure diam diam in their house til the next day...I on the other hand, went to the pet shop with my family cause my sis' wanna buy the hamster thingy...so I simply cruise around and take photo of things tat seems unusual.


Then I came across this weird looking fishes. Kinda looked like the mini dark version of Flounder in Finding Nemo. xD Well...I took a few photos only, after all CALCULUS more important right?? right??

skinny little fishies

fish!!! i want moar

this looks like 1 of those star wars movies, shooting laser around xD

birds! of course there are hamsters mice iguanas etc etc

I was suppose to continue saying how my day went after that. Got sick before Calculus; heavy headache + high fever + distracting television series + computer alone = can't study. Then how I bersungguh-sungguh push on, GWAHAHAHA




I'm hopeless ='(

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