Friday, January 11, 2008

time square theme park opinion

short note:

I just wash my car!!! Hah! Beat that. I bet that saves up to rm5-10, which they probably wash 5-10 times better than mine, which means my effortless effort cost....rm1 = ="


I went COSMO WORLD Theme Park at Berjaya Times Square with some of my classmates last Sunday. For an 18 year old boy a 19 year old guy I just can't stop addict myself from going adventurous events. (erk...something like that) Anyway...the only thing SUITABLE for our age is probably the thriller rides. are my personal rating.

Supersonic Odyssey

Personally I like genting one better cause its higher and of course more syok, but its ok I have fun with it. The only thing annoying is that we have to wait for a blardy long 20 minutes just for a 2 minute round. NOT for the faint-hearted. =X

personal rating : 7/10

Spinning Orbit

It's not even scary at all. It's just....high. For those who are acrophobia this would takes up the challenge, not me. (hehe) but it's damn cooling on top, 1 ride your wet hair confirm dried up kontang kering.

personal rating : 5/10

DNA Mixer

This one confirm fly the balls off your pants, if you have any. Instead of the ol-boring horizontal circles, this one went vertical, in speed. O.o If you baru makan, and went for this attraction, confirm 101% that you'll puke even before the ride ended. We just went once...not that we cant tahan any longer, erm.....ok we chicken out, bluekkkk. But be warned ur valuables might drop off anytime, my necklace was on the edge of dropping. =.=""

personal rating : 7.5/10

Ooort's Expresss

This one isn't that exciting, but sure makes up for its speed. I mean...okay lets say there's 2 person in a row, the thing turns faster and faster, the faster it is, the more er....force right? so the higher the force, until at one part too high the person next to you also pulled towards you. (something like that lar....) I was the one outside, enjoying it at first, all of sudden my friend terus langgar from the side, uuughhhhhh. Then we play counter-force with it, but got 1 time he sengaja lepas tangan then langgar me 1 more time. =.= 1 thing bad though it lasted for a couple of minute, some because the person in charge PURPOSELY don't want to stop the machine even if you beg for mercy, so they hit the green button AGAIN doubling the time. I tell you this is an act of discrimination, discrimation!!!

personal rating : 6/10

Dizzy Izzy

This one ain't dizzy at all. Most of the seats aren't even moving at all, just the octopus-looking-machine-with-rockets-attached-to-its-legs. Except mine....LoL, anyway this "thriller" ride is also just a chill to me, nothing more.

personal rating : 4.5/10

Space Attack

I didn't go for this one cause it's under maintainance, but judging by how high the attraction is, and expecting the ships turning 360 degrees, I would say thumbs up =D

personal rating : N/A

Overall....nothing still beats better than...

i swear i don't know this gal, ooh look cars

Robo Crash!!! Bumper cars are the best!! Bumps here bumps there, more fun when you know you got targeted by at least 6 bumpers (hehe, you know who you are) *bump* *bump* Just wish it can go faster abit. =/ I'm a bumper pro, gwahahaha~~

personal rating : 1028573/10

Okay I exaggerated that part.

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