Thursday, January 10, 2008

i didn't cry

I received a message yesterday night, regardless I didn't notice earlier until about half an hour later, the content goes like this.

"Win.. After a long think.. I finally get an ans.. I am sorry.. Fr wat we did b4.. I think we cant be a couple.. Is not ur fault but is mine.. After a long time..I reli dun hav 2 love feel 2wards u.. I am so sorry..But i hope we can stil be good fren.. I am sorry.. I can lie 2wards u.. Sorry.. Hope u can find ur true love"

Excuse the english...but the meaning inside is clear. Although this sort of message may kill the living soul out of you hurt your feeling badly, but I've learnt that these things, are just part of life, that every creature (including plants, if they have a choice) bound to face.

I'm okay really, the only thing I concerned was to tell her stop crying because of me, and other reasons. I'll gone soft easily. >.< But now she's fine, so I'm glad that's over. All in all, I have no regrets, and enjoyed the process (sorta) and all the times we had fun together.

There are times when a person gotta know when to hold on, when to let go, when to give up. Let's just say...this sort of thing isn't new for me anymore, so I accept the situation with no regret. I remembered when I got rejected for the first time, I was almost under heavy depression, but in the end everything went as usual. As time goes by there are other stories but let's not go there. And finally...

I've learnt...not to cry. =)


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-EdwiN- said...

Hey, CresceNet

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