Tuesday, January 15, 2008

changing sleeping habits

Lifestyle in mmu and lifestyle in sunway is quite a different story (well..actually, depends on who the people are). I reached sunway at about noon. Here's how things going so far. (in a very very VERY summarised version*

*arrived friend's apartment*


*sleep rest awhile*

*see friend play dota*


*dinner at 10*


*woke up, look around*



*breakfast lunch brunch at 12pm*

*rest before going pyramid pyramid**




*dinner supper at midnight*

*watch naruto*



Upcoming events:




*sleep some more*




Ok la not really like that, just that living here for a few days is really influencing badly on my timetable. It's like....back home I just sleep a full 8-hour rest for a whole day. Theirs is like....

sleep -

2 hours in the morning
+ 2 hours in the noon
+ 1 hour in the evening
+ 3 in the night midnight

= 8 hours

Wah!! Cannot tahan, we all also starting to follow >.<

Umm umm......It's 3am now...think I know what to do next


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