Monday, January 21, 2008

tight jeans...

MAJOR disadvantages of wearing tight jeans :

1. it's so tight you can hardly breathe

2. it's even harder when you sit or kneel (oh the agony)

3. it fits your jewels just nice, leaving no space at all

4. you can't eat too full, or even try to gain weight if you wanna wear them again

5. where's the comfortness when you need one huh??

6. if a disaster strikes, you would be the last person to escape (tight restrictions)


MAJOR advantages of wearing tight jeans :

1. it's so tight, confirm people can't steal from your pockets easily

2. ...umm..... sometimes it looks cool?

3. ...uhm... i think.. showing how fleshy we are is ok...

4. ...

5. ...


which I wanna add more into the DISADVANTAGES :

7. it's too blarrrrrrrrrdy tight, you can BARELY fit your handphones, wallets, keychains, love notes, weeds without people noticing in the first place. so in the end, you're holding it instead, a snatch thief passes by and do what they do best =D

... Next time, I'm shopping with gals instead.

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