Thursday, October 30, 2008

SS moments

Well...I can't deny that I'm getting more thick-skinned (literally, especially my tummy) by the day, this is why.

looking great with the hat?

The other day not long after that, me and gang felt like taking some random pic photo...Since there's no one to help hold the camera we set it on timer and leave it on the table for some group photoshoot.

The result was....

burst into laughter after looking at it

My god..!! Macam pet owner with his two anjing there so obedient. Damn shitty sia.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

selamat hari raya deepavali! (belated)

I know..I'm late...Anyway I'm feeling a little bit very lazy so cut short:

- Went to Rohini's house. (my kawaii indian friend from tun tijah before i'm transferred)

- Want GOGOGO (go ktv sing) but all the rooms were fully booked so we settled shop for gifts =)

- Somebody didn't take any housekey when going back home... =_=||

- Ikan bakar session at night!! (got lost halfway, but we made it anyway)

That's pretty much all lah. You can see some of my buddy's post here nearly the same content as mine. (more details of course, i'm lazy remember? =P )

Adrian < ~~~~~~ I'M NOT FAT!!

Alicia < ~~~~~~ I was pretending to sleep =Z

Sunday, October 26, 2008

i'm bringing prata back

Prata Back - Unknown

Damn funny wei, just listen to the whole song and find out

I'm bringing PRATA back
I dunno what flavour~
.you ready?

Friday, October 24, 2008

harddisk crash

as shole.

Gone. Everything gone.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

from yielin jie

Got this from my yielin jie's blog

男朋友 :半夜看妳還在msn上會趕你下線(當然妳可以柪個幾分鐘)。

男朋友 :他會催妳快寫作業,或者想要跟你討論功課。

男朋友 :在你生病時,他會關心到你很煩,而且逼你去看醫生。

男朋友 :他所說的話,都是關心妳的!但通常像是在命令妳,妳會覺得他幹麻這麼做。

男朋友 :他會幫你辨別是非,但你會覺得他管太多。

男朋友 :他只能給你保證,妳跟他在一起,他是最快樂的。

男朋友 :他會幫你買宵夜,不過他會提醒你,吃什麼比較健康。

男朋友 :他已經預見將來,該怎麼自我努力,好給你幸福。






Actually..I myself having a lot of hard time trying to understand the content, considering my chinese isn't that good.. >_< but at least I get most of it, lol
Anyway there's a lot more you can read inside her blog, have a look! but make sure your chinese not as teruk as me @@

small dedication

short note:

TMD!! somebody saying that i've been SS-ing around. well..cant blame that's me, haha


One of my housemate always say his uncle Mr.Poh Kong always make big money, just like his family. ;-)

his headquarters lagi wei

The funny thing is I googled up the name "Poh Kong" and it even exist inside MMU website!!!

i found mr.poh kong in mmu!

I think I also just found your second uncle!!

Mister Poh Heng Poh Seng. Not bad ah!

It's also how funny when you add one name with another and ended up with a new name, but same same concept.

mr.poh + = mr.poh win lol

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pc breakdown

Cant on9.. T.T haiz, need to wait til wed

Monday, October 13, 2008

exam week tight budget

short note:
+u +u for our finals and secondary/high school exams!
all the best and good luck to all PMR students!


you better try your best ah i tell you, if i found out you're slacking this week SIAP KAU when i balik kampung!


Exam blues has been spreading all over the place.


have to face the same view every exam

(un)lucky for us we still got two more days until we finish our exam! Sometimes the sky would make a huge influence on your mood whether to study, or just cut some slack off. I'd always like the cool breeze during rainy days or just soothing wind during the night.

it's about to rain again..

view from my balcony

today's weather seems to be bright and sunny

As some might have noticed I've been trying to cut down my budget for future rainy days...but actually I kinda predicted I will be spending ALOT more before my break starts, during break, and after might as well start now otherwise my bank account would have gone empty, by then sure kena "hook" by parents!

Nonetheless, I still try to maintain my budget at maximum only one meal outside per day, which should cost less than rm10. With whatever's leftover for me I try to make sure I won't go starve ><

where did this photo came from lol

my daily breakfast

a bowl of koko krunch keeps the boy awake =)

too bad it only lasted for a few days before mr.koko ran out... =(

Ibumie mi goreng, down to last packet, gonna finish it by today

still got another packet of maggi to cover up for few days

eggs, always love them, but excessive proteins may end up acidic

still have a box of Tiger biscuit in case I went hungry thou..

well..back to daily dishes

has anyone ever notice mr.koko has a very sinister look?

It's amazing how one semester flies so many events in such a short little time. In another one month reaching semester 2, another chapter begins, another hectic campus life.

best shot of the sem
simple, meaningful

Sunday, October 12, 2008

How people treat you is how you treat people, vice versa
So if you treat nice to people, people will treat nice to you too

Agree anyone?

But doesn't seems to apply in most of my situation...

I always believed in karma, "what you do is what you get", but why is the flow going in one negative direction only?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

sight seeing around shopping mall

short note 1:

just a brief one.
jiayou to all future electronics engineer!! circuit and field! blah!!
cepat cepat habiskan paper, then balik kampung!!!

short note 2:

been trying to save money lately..don't ask why..might post sikit soon.


Sometimes leh...

Sometimes leh.....

Sometimes leh........


I miss the cheap cheap ice-cream sold for 99 sen. Haha.

KING'S ICE CREAM, rm0.99 each

Not bad mar the taste, for one ringgit it's actually quite filling, and almost the same portion as Cornetto.

Anyway...while doing some slight shopping I like to play a little. Looking around I found something that attracts me. What do you call a traffic + /red/yellow/green pepper?

Traffic pepper!!

Try looking at a whole row of them!


i know this is a nonsense post..dim!

Friday, October 10, 2008

sometimes leh....

Sometimes leh....nvm dun feel like continuing it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

sibeh yao yeng!

Got tis youtube from my housemate, watch it then you know. They were only 7 and 5 years old wei! One housemate of mine said tat girl not bad leh..if she got "bo" he would have married her lol.

Owh...if studying is too stress at the moment, try search around youtube for cool vids like tis one =)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bloomy day

The sky's reactin accordin to my mood...

Monday, October 6, 2008


gd luck for finals every1! wish everybody can score well in ur exam!

and all the best for secondary and pmr students, get good grades tau!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

last min touchup


"Quick! Memorize all formulas!!!"

Wednesday, October 1, 2008




So true haha


It's kinda spreading like wildfire...but these are just the possible songs in Jay Chou's < 周杰伦 > album. Sorry to say I don't have the album (yet) but patiently wait til 9th Oct everyone! Just 1 more week! Imagine if you're the singer then everyone's leaking your album how would you feel huh? Support anti piracy!!

1 稻香
2 女儿红
3 东方之殿
4 红楼梦中
5 失恋的青蛙
6 失落非主流
7 从新爱
8 大灌蓝
9 达芬奇的画布
10 说好的
11 小丑