Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It's kinda spreading like wildfire...but these are just the possible songs in Jay Chou's < 周杰伦 > album. Sorry to say I don't have the album (yet) but patiently wait til 9th Oct everyone! Just 1 more week! Imagine if you're the singer then everyone's leaking your album how would you feel huh? Support anti piracy!!

1 稻香
2 女儿红
3 东方之殿
4 红楼梦中
5 失恋的青蛙
6 失落非主流
7 从新爱
8 大灌蓝
9 达芬奇的画布
10 说好的
11 小丑


Ivan Lee said...

aiya i already got the song, forget got it from whom d < im considering his/her privacy ok, hehe! >

sory ><

Johnny Ong said...

wah .... u also know ....

-EdwiN- said...

actually many ppl know, even my fren thinks he has the whole album (includin ivan's fren too) but i'm waitin til 9th oct to find out if it's true =)

Belle said...

i collect his album from 1st till now. will still continue to collect till his last but I DONT MIND GETTING ALL THE SONGS EARLIER XD~~
support piracy and ori. i think it balance this way. piracy is for listening. albums are for collection. rite anot?

btw..his songs playing all over the mall. so i assume everyone knew its leaked.

-ALiCiA- said...

u got all his songs ar?
inside newspaper said that sum of his song's name mistaken...
i dunno tat is true or not...
but i still wanna hear his new songs...@@~