Tuesday, October 28, 2008

selamat hari raya deepavali! (belated)

I know..I'm late...Anyway I'm feeling a little bit very lazy so cut short:

- Went to Rohini's house. (my kawaii indian friend from tun tijah before i'm transferred)

- Want GOGOGO (go ktv sing) but all the rooms were fully booked so we settled shop for gifts =)

- Somebody didn't take any housekey when going back home... =_=||

- Ikan bakar session at night!! (got lost halfway, but we made it anyway)

That's pretty much all lah. You can see some of my buddy's post here nearly the same content as mine. (more details of course, i'm lazy remember? =P )

Adrian < ~~~~~~ I'M NOT FAT!!

Alicia < ~~~~~~ I was pretending to sleep =Z


-ALiCiA- said...

not din bring house key...is too rush forgot to bring house key nia~~XD
plus u memang sleep in ad's house...dun jia jia la...=P

-EdwiN- said...

i did sleep, but i din sleep when i go home! idd go home bath for a moment den off to ad's hse, so..din simply assume hor