Wednesday, October 8, 2008

sibeh yao yeng!

Got tis youtube from my housemate, watch it then you know. They were only 7 and 5 years old wei! One housemate of mine said tat girl not bad leh..if she got "bo" he would have married her lol.

Owh...if studying is too stress at the moment, try search around youtube for cool vids like tis one =)


-ALiCiA- said...

the yao yeng...
is that ur son???XD

Johnny Ong said...

i think yr housemate very tension. that housemate shld watch more u tube haha

yau said...

the little boy seem like abit blur blur dei aft dance..
so cute~~

YoNg LiAng said...

cool !!!

-----3riC---- said...

cheh, who show you this video clip one??
hahaha.... enjoy lar guys...

-EdwiN- said...

haha, mb my future son will do d same thing =D

johnny ong:
haha no worries he has his own entertainment =)

haha, u notice oso eh?

yong liang:

yala yala is u share d ma..haha