Monday, October 13, 2008

exam week tight budget

short note:
+u +u for our finals and secondary/high school exams!
all the best and good luck to all PMR students!


you better try your best ah i tell you, if i found out you're slacking this week SIAP KAU when i balik kampung!


Exam blues has been spreading all over the place.


have to face the same view every exam

(un)lucky for us we still got two more days until we finish our exam! Sometimes the sky would make a huge influence on your mood whether to study, or just cut some slack off. I'd always like the cool breeze during rainy days or just soothing wind during the night.

it's about to rain again..

view from my balcony

today's weather seems to be bright and sunny

As some might have noticed I've been trying to cut down my budget for future rainy days...but actually I kinda predicted I will be spending ALOT more before my break starts, during break, and after might as well start now otherwise my bank account would have gone empty, by then sure kena "hook" by parents!

Nonetheless, I still try to maintain my budget at maximum only one meal outside per day, which should cost less than rm10. With whatever's leftover for me I try to make sure I won't go starve ><

where did this photo came from lol

my daily breakfast

a bowl of koko krunch keeps the boy awake =)

too bad it only lasted for a few days before mr.koko ran out... =(

Ibumie mi goreng, down to last packet, gonna finish it by today

still got another packet of maggi to cover up for few days

eggs, always love them, but excessive proteins may end up acidic

still have a box of Tiger biscuit in case I went hungry thou..

well..back to daily dishes

has anyone ever notice mr.koko has a very sinister look?

It's amazing how one semester flies so many events in such a short little time. In another one month reaching semester 2, another chapter begins, another hectic campus life.

best shot of the sem
simple, meaningful


YoNg LiAng said...

woot...faster go study ..shoo shoo...
no more blogging liao ... haha

-EdwiN- said...

relax la! u ma readin my blog haha~ study go go go, dun on9 liao

yielin^^ said...

kesian ur bro..!!

-EdwiN- said...

haha y le?
pmr like tat lo they kesian now, we long long ago oso kesian as dem haha

Adrian Leo said...

The EMO-NESS!!!!



Jeff said...

Walao,so fierce! You bro siap liow.

eric said...

hey, the exam venue photo..the GIRL in front of u is CHia CHing ar?
so free to take photo hor..geng/.

TheOneWho'sBeenSittingWithYouFor2Years said...

haiz..... u notice or not the food you're eating has very high percentage of containing mel amine......

Guess who am i?!

-EdwiN- said...

leo leo:
haha, but...past tense d lar..i stil can c him so exciting playin games even thou IT'S NOT FINISHED that time

hehe..but im kind i let him off =P

ei..u know a...ya it's her, but I'M NOT STALKING ok?? =/

the...for 2 yrs:
serious ar..?? tat explains my major increment size in tummy.. ><
seriously i duno kok..who's tis?