Sunday, August 31, 2008


Selamat Hari Merdeka everyone!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

Remember last post? I said I was gonna meet one of my lama tak jumpa friend at melaka.

We watched a movie that we think it's not really worth to spend your money on cinema, then off to jalan-jalan at DP there.

Since I don't read the news or come back melaka that often.. Dataran sure has changed alot...What's better is that they finally have a DONUT SHOP open!!!

i'm not sure how long it's open but just look at the queue

Since it's a donut shop..and it's about tea-break time...we stupidly happily waited for the long queue also.

they have quite a large variety of donuts, stil..i haven tried J Co before

not a bad place actually, i like =)

Since miss potatoes is gonna have her dinner at home, we only bought 6 pieces for erm...RM11.50, which is okok lar.

1 piece - RM2.20

half dozen - RM11.50

2 half dozen (same as one dozen la, just that with 2 boxes) - RM23.00

one dozen - RM21.00

(clockwise)we have Kimochi, Say Cheese, Chocoholic, Duren Duren and The Aliens

Walao...KIMOCHI...Reminds me of my housemate doing...........

box cover

My first piece was Duren Duren!!!

see the spike on top?

At first impression I was like

"Wah! They even got durian donut leh~~"

Haiz...kena tipu loh. It's basicly a normal donut with durian cream inside, then the cream is not that much of a durian flavour also. But ok la at least they're creative, but then that donut can only last for 3 hours after it's produced so better don't keep it long. Still, it's fun to play with lol.

the cream flow out from it's back xD

pretend to savour the flavour (the cream flow out again)

proper photo...i shud shave

Obviously I started being photogenic haha, but miss potato hor...she always hated taking photo, so far I have never seen any photo of her before!! msn friendster facebook schoolbook whatever photo, none!!! So I tried to break the record (so I tried lar) Haha!!!

Ready? Ready? *drum rolls*








WTF!!! (waa tuu faa) She deleted all the photos when I wasn't looking! ..... Nevermind!! Let your imaginary spread wild, just visualise how the situation goes

this is how she tried to cover her face but fails

this is how she covered her face usin one hand

this is how she quickly turns 180 degrees away from my phone = =|||

I guess the only chance she'll ever show you is if either you have a big fat nose with moustache, two flappy ears, a pair of blue shoes and a hat or a branded logo of your face in every country.

Don't wanna say anything liao la..Anyway..miss potato said her CHOCOHOLIC taste damn good, which tempts me to try one the next time I came back.

there's even chocolate fudge inside the dough!! ugh...i wan it so bad T_T

THE ALIEN taste quite nice also. I doubt it's the same as CHOCOHOLIC but still I LOVE THE CHOCOLATE FUDGE INSIDE!!

you can see why it's called alien

fudge flowing from top, can't see properly, but it's making my mouth craving for more >.<

i even met Zues coincidently, see? brader mar~ =P

SAY CHEESE??? What bout it? Taste really really good. Quite Cheesy, yet tender if you know what I mean. So far I had a gd impression on the 1st time I went there.


I had a minor 38-ness with me back then so then I decided to....

How UN-Malaysian are you??

Congratulations Edwin, you are 33% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Michelle Yeoh!

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

WAHAHA!!! Michelle Yeoh I'm cool with it lol.

Monday, August 25, 2008

ECP1016 Tut 10

You guys can just ignore this..for my reference..haha.

float *wPtr;

wPtr = NULL;

float w;
wPtr = &w;

printf("%d\n", *wPtr);








i.3x(0.003-0.002) = 0.003


y = 5
x = 12
y = 5
xPtr = 15
y = 15

int *aPtr = a;

int a[3] = {2, 5, 10};

aPtr = &a[0] ( 2 )
aPtr = &a[1] ( 5 )
aPtr = &a[2] ( 10 )

a.address of x[0] (10)
b.address of x[2] (30)
c.*x == 10
d.10 + 2 = 12
e.(*x+2) == 30


a. unsigned int values[SIZE] = {2, 4, 6, 8, 10};

b. unsigned int = *vPtr;

c. vPtr = values;

*vPtr = values[0];

d. int i;
for (i=0;i (smaller) SIZE;i++) {
printf("%d\n", values + i);}

e. values[3]=8

f. vPtr = values[4]


void square_cube (int n, int *square, int *cube)

int main(){

int n = 3;
int square, cube;

square_cube(n, square, cube);

printf("square = %d, cube = %d\n", *square, *cube);

return 0;

void square_cube (int n, int *square, int *cube)

square = pow(2);

Sunday, August 24, 2008


short note:

I only slept for a good 2 hours last night and whole time out with stuffs, then today?? After this another 2 hours then it's off to dimsum, haha. Somehow Melaka life is more hectic than Cyber (in cyber i tend to get more and more lazy, affected by "The Intelligent City" aura, too kuat)














Spot the not! Which is NOT potatoes??

Haha, too much free time when shopping at decided to take some random photos (of potatoes). Speaking of ubi-ubi (potatoes lol) Later I'm gonna meet my friend who somewhat calls by the name of potatoes.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


You guys shud watch this finish if you had the chance..

It's about 40 minutes, but good laughter lol.

And this.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

haha, sry for lack of update, currently the whole housemate is kinda addicted to....


Keel me, keel me rite now.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

gathering + results

A picture tells a thousand let your wild imaginary spreads =)

Pot-luck gathering

everyone startin to gather at ahpinko's house

everyone sitting down lol

baby papaya tree!! at that moment many people rushing to get food..gonna expect what's gonna happen

Ok la I'll put small captions between photos

i kinda rushed for mine >< around 70+ people now still got many still waiting

my plate...(ya i know it's dark)

we really sapu it

poor tree(or branch) got stomp on and it's smaller branch fell down, trying to erm..fix it back

Not long later we go Old Town at cyber here to watch the finals..
The very terrible.

everyone watching the game, 2nd half some of my housemates already no mood

score : 20 - 8 , game match before the big no-no, few seconds later....oh well

Lin Dan hugging his coach

i tell you..this wall of a cup of coffee is much better than the match..the game's one-sided = =|||

Lin Dan saluting to his people

LEE CW..looking behind? (you guys should see his photo at this link)

LEE getting second

News after the match

more from Zues =)