Sunday, August 17, 2008

gathering + results

A picture tells a thousand let your wild imaginary spreads =)

Pot-luck gathering

everyone startin to gather at ahpinko's house

everyone sitting down lol

baby papaya tree!! at that moment many people rushing to get food..gonna expect what's gonna happen

Ok la I'll put small captions between photos

i kinda rushed for mine >< around 70+ people now still got many still waiting

my plate...(ya i know it's dark)

we really sapu it

poor tree(or branch) got stomp on and it's smaller branch fell down, trying to erm..fix it back

Not long later we go Old Town at cyber here to watch the finals..
The very terrible.

everyone watching the game, 2nd half some of my housemates already no mood

score : 20 - 8 , game match before the big no-no, few seconds later....oh well

Lin Dan hugging his coach

i tell you..this wall of a cup of coffee is much better than the match..the game's one-sided = =|||

Lin Dan saluting to his people

LEE CW..looking behind? (you guys should see his photo at this link)

LEE getting second

News after the match

more from Zues =)

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