Sunday, October 12, 2008

How people treat you is how you treat people, vice versa
So if you treat nice to people, people will treat nice to you too

Agree anyone?

But doesn't seems to apply in most of my situation...

I always believed in karma, "what you do is what you get", but why is the flow going in one negative direction only?


-----3riC---- said...

wanna tell you hor, i don't think so. Sometime, i mean sometimes lar, how nice you treat others also, at the end what you get is just nothing, maybe worst than that. But not say like we cannot treat others nice lar, i doesn't mean that. That's what i think and what i faced and what i heard lar.. lol

-ALiCiA- said...

edwin...if life so easy as what you do is what you get or how people treat you is how you treat people...i think this world will very chan lor...and everyone got their own character and not how you treat them and they will will treat you 顺其自然 that life will be more happier...=)...but if anything sad u can tell me de...i will be ur listener...XD

-EdwiN- said...

well, u did say sumtimes, tat's y i said it doesnt seem to apply in most of situations..
but thx..and i bliv its more on "wat u face" haha

haha, think u out of topic a lil
but thx lol, tis world wher got chan? if ppl throw bomb at u of coz u muz throw bomb back ma, otherwise throw flowers for peace? blek