Thursday, October 23, 2008

small dedication

short note:

TMD!! somebody saying that i've been SS-ing around. well..cant blame that's me, haha


One of my housemate always say his uncle Mr.Poh Kong always make big money, just like his family. ;-)

his headquarters lagi wei

The funny thing is I googled up the name "Poh Kong" and it even exist inside MMU website!!!

i found mr.poh kong in mmu!

I think I also just found your second uncle!!

Mister Poh Heng Poh Seng. Not bad ah!

It's also how funny when you add one name with another and ended up with a new name, but same same concept.

mr.poh + = mr.poh win lol


-----3riC---- said...

hoi, why take my uncle shop photo w/o his permission ya??

YoNg LiAng said...
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YoNg LiAng said...

OMG !! haha...nice pic leh..
i mean the 3rd pic la...haha

-EdwiN- said...

chill la~
relax la~
juz a photo~~

yong liang:
luckily tat shop haven open, if not ar...kena marah haha

yau said...

no poh yau??

-----3riC---- said...

poh yau?? who is him/her???

-EdwiN- said...

actually hor..i oso found another girl by the name of Poh Kheng, but nvm la...too many Poh's in tis world