Saturday, January 12, 2008


short note:

picking the right clothes to pack up is troublesome...
picking the right luggage is worse -.-

i'm going kl tomorrow!!!


I sorta skipped breakfast and lunch today...not because I wanted to, just that I missed breakfast, then went badminton in the noon until about 5-6pm, so yeah...

Anyway...was starving like mad waiting for my mom to cook dinner or my dad to bring us out makan. It's always a battle between my parents to see who gives up first, then me in the middle, aduh....

Mom : under mom strike, NOT wanting to cook for tonight.
(its a weekend)

Dad : under dad strike, NOT wanting to drive out for dinner.
(nyeh..just an excuse to be lazy)

Edwin : "PLEASE LA!!! I'm damn hungry right now faster finish the war!!"
(as long as can eat)

In the end my dad cannot tahan also go out on dinner. =P
Here's how the situation goes.

*before going out*


Dad : "ok, tonight we go Kota Laksamana there eat ROTI TAMPAR."

Family : "NOOOOOO!!!! Duwan!!!!!!" *nags*

*halfway driving*


Dad : "ok nevermind, we take PLAN B."

Edwin : "Huh? PLAN B??"

Dad : "Makan yi keow noodle sana."

Edwin : ....

*pass by shop, shop closed*

Dad : "Shop closed, back to PLAN A."

Edwin : ....


*takes back route to PLAN A*

*family continues to nag*

*reach Kota Laksamana*

*nags seribu kali lebih*

Mom : "There's one shop nearby their hokkien mee not bad."

Edwin : "Gogogo. Start looking start looking."

*starts searching*

*failed to search*


Dad : "Now time for PLAN D."

Edwin : " PLAN C meh??" (without knowing before that was PLAN C)

In the end we settled in a wantan noodle store at somewhere Kampung Lapan. Haha, my dad can't really decide properly.

Like father like son. =X

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