Friday, September 28, 2007


well...if count d current time, i got exactly 1 day 8 hours 38 minutes and 40 seconds left from now (yes i count d seconds)

guys!!! final xm so tension wei...wanna study, but dun feel like studyin..wanna do revision, but tis blog, i post bcuz d sake of u 2 ok?? (haha, u know who u r) anyway...sry i din post any updates recently cuz i was sorta "stressing" on my assignments n "studies", anyhow i had an ok sem here, sum things r goin quite smooth, sum juz went rough at times, sum weren't pleasant at all =.=""" next sem timetable is like !@##$^& !!! u can say d timetable is less packed overall (1 day 4 hours is ok for me), but 4 hours continously so tired neh ~_~

haha..those who were skoolin probably wanna exchange timetable wit me, but life in uni...we tend to get lazier by d minute xD

umm...i tot of postin another story juz now but gotta stop here for now...k guys c u den after my finals, wish all of u guys all d best + u + u ~


Ariel said...

wah, u think ur the only one who 'pei chei' for next sem timetable ah ? mine more terrible le, it's break for at least 4 or 5 hours a day then only continue with the classes... i have to stay at school can't go back... no transport... mine lagi tired le... T.T

CuTeBaByAnGeL said...

wah edwin u still so free can count the time somemore ya...dun worry ur next sem timetable...(actually i am worrying too >.<)...ur campus is at melaka but my campus is at seremban...T.T...miss my home town neh...=( besides tat i heard they said next sem all balik late late...>.<...i dun wan my life like tat...i wan to study n stay at melaka...i miss here...(miss my home de computer lor...aha...^^)