Friday, October 5, 2007

3 days combo!!!

argh!!! we juz went thru 3 days of xm in a row, my god none of dem was ez so far, 1st pre-cal, den eng, den 2day hd, every1 had they moody faces comin out after each xm (well...most of dem, like me) but anyway....we stil got 1 more to go, com app!!! argh!! tension again, but anyway...tis place is here for me to release all d bad stuffs in d past, go went gone, now left 1 more, shud b gd news rite?? xD

well...dun feel like writin long, got dinner next, so next time i continue

*in conjunction wit 2day's event, i've juz changed a new pc ^^ congrats, lol =p

1 comment:

HueyNie said...

Wow! Change a new pc ady heh! So good! Not bad hor... So rajin update blog...