Saturday, October 13, 2007

9th Oct 2007

Last tuesday, just when the clock went 11am, we FOSEE Engineering students woo-ing as we walked ourselves right out of the exam hall. My friends and i decided to go ixora food court and discussed what and where to eat. (yes, we're in the FOOD COURT but mmu residents, even me juz makan sampai jelak)

So in the end we decided to go and have a try at Seoul Garden in mp.
i can't find any photos of it, sadly..these things you can find it in the net =/

From 11 in the morning til noon we waited for Ah Keat's 2 friends to arrive, and our beloved admin as well. In case you're wonderin this is admin.

our beloved admin =P

Find him in here.

ahaha, tis one lebih

He had his welcome greeting alrite =D

ah keat doin his job

In between we had some random photo snapshots around to entertain ourselves

from left: Fikri, Yong Liang n Ivan

ngie xing n i(god is tat my hair??)

Not long later Hui Juan was passing by and joined us, Keat's friends arrived and we're off to go!!

GAWD~ i can't remember what happened on the way cause was too hungry ~_~ In the end we ate like buffalos

Just when i'm starting to feel "a lil full", i kinda forgot bout photos so all i have is this

seaweed soup! yes it looks DISGUSTING but nice, really!!

carbonated drink with ice-cream. Later u guys think im geli~

in the middle is the soup, the side is where we bbq stuffs

We had fun in the process, the only thing i don't like is while bbq-ing the oil will "erupt" like mad burning our skins, it's like giving a signal sayin "Buzz off!!" But the dominator always wins =P

just look how messy is it

proof! the oozing "100-300 degrees of pain" trying to reach us

Here are some other random photos i got.

a great amount of choices u can eat. There's more on the left side

deserts!! u can even make abc with it

Yong Liang making his first abc, look he's pro already!!

Hui Juan and Fikri hiding his face

There u are!!

Think i stop here....

Overall this was one of the best times i had with my mmu friends. after lunch Keat went off with his 2 childhood friends to watch some movies while we head off to "wonderland".

....Yes i know wat you guys thinking and i wish it was, sadly there's only arcade there. least i beat their nuts off in some games, hehe.

Later in the night me, wnx, yl, and hj from the rest of them continue ourselves in Mori Cafe. Su Khi and Joe How joined along too!! It's kinda noisy around cause everyone was discussing some "sensitive issues" i couldn't post here. Hui Juan was rather quiet that night..or maybe she was just too concentrated on the tv o.O

Yong Liang n Joe How looking around

bah..screw my hp quality snapshots

Due to emergency call by our admin, we had to leave earlier (sigh!!) but before that we ask 1 of the pretty waitress to take a photo of us.

ARGH!! So bright!!!!

i tengok pun bo song, so i tried to edit the picture as clear as possible

.... least it's...darker now.

hehe...dun 4get to leave sum comments oh, 1st time for everything @@


AnDreW said...

Hey, don't hao lien okay?
U've been playing daytona since form 2 already. :P

Ariel said...

mummy no heart ah u... go moli didn't bring me >.<''