Monday, October 29, 2007

3 weeks review(1)

It's been 2 weeks im gone inside this blog, so i'm just gonna sum it all up inside on all the past events (hehe, sorry guys)

1. Celebrating Siew Tze/Kian Yuan Birthday

Let's see....last 2 friday (12th oct) we had a small party celebrating 2 of their upcoming birthdays.

Siew Tze on the 13th oct

and Kian Yuan on the 16th oct

Haha, don't they 2 look so cute =P

Anyway there were about 10 person: Siew Tze, Kian Yuan, Jiayi, Sin Yin, Adrian, me, Kok Ting, Wei Ling and Soon Siang. I have no idea why birthday girl wanna sit my car the whole time =_=

waiting for everyone to gather around

Continental Cafe

I wasn't really sure where we're heading til in the end they said go Continental Cafe.

It's quite a suitable place for couples to just hang out with each other, since nobody is singing at all unlike Wings, Xuan or Mori. Otherwise you have to shout to each other better yet write a message if you wanna say something. Despite the quiet and soothing cafe inside is quite heaty. Guess they're cutting budget on they use fans instead!

my dinner

For 12 ringgit I got a set of chicken chop blackpepper, a bowl of mushroom soup, few pieces of toast garlic bread and a choice of either an orange or wheatgrass juice. It's quite a bargain really, if I'm not mistaken there's no extra charge, then you can have a 5% discount voucher for every 20-30 ringgit per bill.

Wei Kuang: "Am I too late?"

Wei Kuang came in just in time for him to pay the bills. =P After the bills we headed ourselves to another spot, Sampan in Klebang.

what happen to the sea????

This place used to b very windy and chilling. When I was small I always just stand at the side letting the cool breezing wind blew my mind off. The natural breeze is just simply amazing compare to the CO gases u can find in the streets.

get a large size drink for 6 bucks

It's about time the cake showed up. This cheese cake was made by Century Mahkota Hotel (d white shirt which i wore) =D special thx to her mom. Too bad it wasn't that great since the cake wasn't cold anymore, the cheese melted too so it wasn't that er...cheesy.

i'm gonna get u! grarr

bad timing to take a picture ~_~"

It's kinda drizzling afterwards, but we couldn't care much except Sin Yin =P She later on brought us to a private beach resort just to have a look at the beach. Due to bloody traffic we got stuck in a jam for about 45 minutes.

how long more to go?? T_T

see my shadow?? This proves how terrible my phone is -_-

What feel?? None of us "feel" the beach except her.

some random photos around

It didn't took long before we got bored and headed back home. This is the 1st time posting video clip in my blog so....kasi muka la hor?

After sending the girls back home we guys went out for a late supper, then it's off to cc!! 1-2am saje la hor the morning is still young =P

even the cricket/grasshopper/thing wanna join us

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