Thursday, April 17, 2008

i ate boobs

Wonder why??

Check out this blog for more details.

It was a normal fine day where me and my classmates were having breakfast at Restoran Sultan Habeeb. Being an addictive egg-lover (sometimes, not many knows that I'm obsessed with eggs) I called 2 HALF BOILED EGGS as a kickstart of my day. Obviously my expectation would go like this.

something like this, without the wasabi, you know..

Damn!! This has been my all-time-favourite since I was a kid!! The white part of the egg is nearly cooked while the middle yellowish yolk still in liquid form!! Just look at the picture above, the yolk's perfect!!! *tempts me to make one myself right now*

In case some of you don't know, all you have to do is place the egg into a pot of hot water (not boiling water, we're not cooking it to solid) and roughly agak-agak the right time to take it out. Then presto!! Eh back to topic, but to my horror....the fear of overcooked would go as below...

as though the egg would smile at me back to cheer me up

There's another photo inside his blog, just find out then you know.


This world is so cruel!! Damn you skilless-half-boiled-egg-maker, damn you!!

Actually...if the yolk part haven gone hard, it'll look more like actual wubbly boobs =X


Ariel said...

what a terrible eggs... =.=''' u dare to eat hor ? if me...ew....

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