Tuesday, April 29, 2008


No doubt.

It's been days even close to weeks that I've neglected my own blog.

Wondering what's been going on in my life until I didn't spend a single 15 minutes just to update post.

Here's why.


We all know that now is Week 13, and Finals is in 2 more weeks time. Everyone's busy rushing their assignments due date, having meetings, discussions, and out of blues everyone turning smarter!! This "last minute" work seems to be a trend in my campus, and it's working great!!!! I actually still got 3-4 more assignments to pass up due next monday but I haven't started any, so...maybe I'll wait last day for it. =P

Oh ya!!! If you checked the muet link my MUET falls on the 8th of May....

!%@#%$%&%^*^( OMFG SO FAST! And I haven't even prepare anything yet, omg what to study? what to prepare? what to read? what to say? Praying that I at least get a Ben 4 "unprepared" for the whole exam. It falls on a few days before my finals lagi, I got no idea how am I gonna survive these coming few weeks.


LoL...This is a hot topic. But erm....I'll continue tis other time, my class wanna start soon so gotta go.

Oh ya, another factor is that I'm still studying then I spend less time at home so yeah.. =)

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