Tuesday, April 1, 2008

laziness kicks me (again)

Once again I feel "busy" as if I need 48 hours per day to complete all my task. (inclusive of laziness, hey it's a heavy job you know?)

Well...I know it's kinda late by now but anyway drop by a visit if you want, I sometimes upload all the necessary blog photos here.

Oh yea..I've made my decision. I'll be staying in Cyberia at Cyberjaya with:

Khai Keat
Chun Chang
Yong Liang
Poh Heng
Swee Ann

7 people in one single townhouse.

my new (soon to be) home!!!

Sadening thing though...the nearest gas station is dunno-god-miles away and it's nearly similar as a desert cause it's soo SPACEY!!