Wednesday, May 20, 2009

finals trauma counteract

At times when preparing for finals I will get stressed up and tend to do mischievous stuffs such as logging into facebook...reading blogs, resting on my bed (with 80% chances of falling asleep) and many more la.

Music is life. Majority would agree on it right? Normally I would tune into my calm and soothing songs and sometimes let the meaning of the song run into my mind..which occasionally made me emo lar..In Love Again by Janice 卫兰 would be a very good example of my choice. Have a go listening then you'll know what I mean =)

01.In Love Again (ÎÒÕâÑù°®Äã) - ÎÀÀ¼


O yea yea yea yea

When u smile
My life becomes a ray of light
Sing me a lullaby
To sleep at midnight

I’ll be hypnotized
when looked into your eyes
Turn off the room light
Let's Spend the night

Take me to far away
Away to your secret place
Take my tears my fears
Take all my pain for which I'll repay
Someday with a kiss and say
Can't believe that I’m in love
In love again

When the stars don’t shine
And when the birds don’t fly
And when the flowers cry
And when the rain runs dry
When the violet's red and when the rose turn blue
Baby I’ll still be in love with u

Chorus X2

Ok back to study!!


-----3riC---- said...

an ytips for 1076?? xD

Anonymous said...

haha im like that too at times.. ;)

Anonymous said...

isnt this song karen kong punya aa?


小叶 said...

like this song so much too..
but is N years ago thing leh..haha XD

anyway..enjoy ur holiday now ^^

Anonymous said...

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