Monday, May 11, 2009

omg terpukau!

Everybody knows Taylor Swift right? Recently I've been hearing a lot of her songs, semakin terpukau (getting obsessed) by her songs (and partially her looks too) >_<

her eyes especially

But the thing is I didn't see her official videos before until I open one of my friend's youtube link and listen to this.

I'm abit orchestra instrument type lover myself so I was quite amazed by how the pianist played the song (one thing is that I langsung don't know how to play piano, maybe that's why anyone who played piano I sure will look up on them)

Of course that got me motivated to search for her official video, prob is the sound volume is soft so need to increase sikit to hear clearly

this is wher i kena terpukau lol

ARRRRGGHHHHHHHHH!~!~!~~!~~~~~ Everyone has their own love stories, it's up to how we write them just as below.

I wonder when's mine, hmm..


Anonymous said...

haha terpukau!
i like her songs too! =D

Daphne小樱 said...

i love dis song 2^^

nice nice~~~

Andrew Ho said...


Johnny Ong said...

her face is really "electrifying"

Myhorng said...

agreed with all those

-EdwiN- said...

i wonder y isnt she famous before, wit those looks i could fall in love anytime x_X