Tuesday, March 24, 2009

reminder : march 14th, chinese 2nd month 18th day

short note:

yoohoo~~ tomorrow goin genting~

wishing a happy birthday to my dear sis and mr.Han xD

was suppose to post this 10 days ago...but delay til now, blek


lighting failed. was about to rain

I got an early call in the morning from my mom to remind me that today's my chinese birthday. I'm always forgetful about my chinese birth date, cause my family doesn't celebrate at all, and also..just so happens on that date itself my 婆婆 (popo, nenek, grandma) went to another world..

But of course..my mom asked me to try find any temple around so that at least I can pay respect to my 婆婆 la, as what we'll normally do when we're in hometown. Back in Melaka I won't take these kind of offerings/praying/paying respect to our ancestors thing. Sure we might skip a couple of times, feeling lazy to go, stomachache last minute, upon in Cyberjaya here...I feel really down unable to follow my mom for visiting. So I started having random thoughts, and have myself an expedition trip to search for any nearby temple!!

Of course...I know where it is AFTER I found that area la...I have to ask various people for directions on how to go, following vehicles in hope they'll pass by any at all, until I went too deep into the old Seri Kembangan area, that time ah...cannot liao, must ask for directions.

got this kind fella to give me some guidance

EVEN WITH ALL THOSE DIRECTIONS I'M STILL LOST. All I know it's somewhere on top of a hill so I should try my luck roaming around high. Didn't know it was that easy if you just look up the mountain instead ><

huah!! finally reached my destination!

but sadly..sudah tutup, i arrived at 4.30pm (not a wonder la tutup liao, *slaps myself*)

but anyhow i still did some 拜拜(bai4bai4, praying) outside before i left

Nonetheless I think I'm ok now..Next year I probably have to try in the early morning than this late all the time. Got some random photos around too =D

just about to rain after reaching here

by just keep following local people where they're going, i learnt a new road!! nasib betul

shortcut to prevent all the jams in between Serdang and Seri Kembangan

woo~ semakin lebat liao, cannot snap photos anymore ><

婆婆 ar..if you can read this, just wanna let u know we're doing very fine here.
公公 is still as strong as ever! last update he's still mixing wit his gang of kaki's
in tat same coffee shop. as for us new generation..?? we're doing great! this year
we even took a photo with 公公 as a remembrance, cool huh? well..i know you'll be
looking out for us from above, rest assured we won't let you down. =)

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