Monday, March 2, 2009

I Wish You Knew

short note:

my friend is quite a poetic person herself. occasionally she creates her poems, stories, with little synopsis inside. here's one recently.


I wish you knew

I wish you knew. I really do.
Hopefully, you’ll say you love me too.

My heart has not felt for 2 whole years
It only served to hold all the hidden tears

You stare at me and flash a friendly smile
For that alone, I will walk 2 thousand miles

Didn’t you notice how strange I spoke?
Stumbling on words, as if I was poked

Everything about you gives me butterflies
Especially when I stare into your deep blue eyes

I tried hiding it from you. I really did try.
Because that darkest corner was where I sat and cry

You were confused by me. What did you do?
Once again, I wished you knew.

It was you who brought along warmth and light
And brighten up this dark, empty night

You were the brightest star, my ray of hope
So I clung onto you as my life-saving rope

This time when you stared, there was something more
Could it possibly be what I was hoping for?

You tucked strands of my hair neatly into place
While I slowly took in the features on your face

“I’m off to find her. The one I truly love.”
Then he raised his head to stare above

I turned away to look at the cold, hard ground
And watch the tears fall without a single sound

You did not notice me crying, the one beside you
So I thought one last time - I wish you knew.


so in the end, before she offline her msn pm message:
I love you. But you'll never know.

1 comment:

Zhiqin said...

it's sad to say not all love story has a happy ending,
the poem is well written by your friend,
even me myself felt the impact.
Hope she will be staying strong, God has better plans.