Thursday, November 8, 2007

paling melebihkan

Just recently when sending back my friend's house from house to house, one of them suddenly thought "hey!! why not just drive this car in reverse??"

I probably went high, so I did drove for about 30 meters going BACKWARDS. 30 meters ler!!! Well it doesn't sound really far, but if you compare a few T-junctions, turning points, parked cars in between, bumper and can't even see anything in the night except street(taman) lamppost, it was totally nuts!!!

We all got sorta excited anyway, but it was damn dangerous~ I nearly steered the wrong direction into a "back-on-collision" accident...luckily it was late night and there wasn't even any car around otherwise.... O.o

Haha, don't try this anywhere unless you got my friend's direction supervision.


Andrew said...

Auto or manual? Haiyah...

-EdwiN- said...

lol, auto lar, but vry risky @@