Monday, November 19, 2007

looking thru

I was just looking through some of my old post in MySpace

Then I was reading about how I almost fainted during PJK

ugh..2day was 1 of d worst experience i ever was on PJ time...PJ is gd rite?? u dun hav to think much like add math, u can streeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch all ur stiff body and by chance u'll hear sum cracks...and most important, hav fun!!

it was ok lar at start...our t'cher got us down(dun think wrong) and make us do push-ups for 30 secs(strain my hands), den later hav to do....erm...front push-ups? nt sure wat its called..again, 30 secs(strain my backbone)..afterward we hav to check our flexibility(onli +6), hav to sit down stretch all d way to ur toe...hurt my body for tat...soon later we hav to run d whole padang field, 2 LAPS!!!!! i haven run for so long...stressed out and hurt my body (leg d most) den we all got 5 minit break...shud b ok by tat time...den later ajak myself go play football (haha, syok sendiri) i onli played for 15 minits...suddenly head feelin i stop lar..jus when im bout to change, BOOM! a major headache strike me, my stomach feel like vomiting, very hard for me even speak..i can barely stand..i can even barely breathe....

so i lean on d red tiang..wher guys change their clothes..i cant even move, or even think at all..den when i tried to open my eyes, OMG, i can see nth at all...its total darkness, nth but black, or so damn worried..i cant even see wher am i..den i bersungguh sungguh tried to get legs stil "wubblely" den i had i sit down...i stil cant see anythin...slowly my vision is recoverin..i can finally see things infront of me..but its all in black, white and grey...mou tin tin suddenly i see everythin in red in 1 blink....terkejut sial...see plants in red..den slowly i can see green blend in all d color...

k, got my vision back..but stil feelin hard to frens told me i look damn pucat like a ghost..both lips hav gone white..stil feelin cold....(wish they snap a photo of me like tat, i wanna see..) den later can stand up able to walk at last...stil need to rest...

k lar i stil got hw to do...jus glad tat things went back to normal after recess...and wanna say thx for all my frens who helped me tat time, all those who givs support when im reli reli reli reli reil down, THANKS, without u guys i think i hav to attend hospital ledi

alrite gtg, all d best every1, ciao


Wah....I nearly forgoten that event. Means I gotta brush up on my stamina ASAP

Looked again on how I got LosT emotionally

its almost 5am...12.30 i slept, den 4.30 i got up....nt sure y i cant sleep well..mus hav been those dreams im havin, yeah....n those dreams im gonna face dem soon..n i meant SOON! haha, dun ask wat izit yet, cuz its stil unsure...3 hours to 7....wat am i thinkin actually...i mean, wat's so complicated bout it anyway? wat makes it so ez, yet so hard to und? bet u all can guess...yeah, besides life it's love...but i cant say i reach there yet..n tat's d thing im worried..from wat i can say, we can hav a bright future being 2gether...yet, i stil hav tis awkward n weird feelin, n i duno wat izit...i duno...din reli giv tat much details here, so...nt tat useful >.<

i can jus say..i feel kinda lost n inexperience, nt-so-kind-of-ez-goin-person after frens out there, if u happen to read it, pls giv sum advice wher u dun normally c tat person post blogs, haha, anyway, if u actually read tis i jus wanna say thx for readin, pis aot =)

now onli 5.30 -_-"

Wooh...a lot of grammar errors, of course now still got lah.

Good memories.....I guess it's good to blog after all; you get recall back some of your past memories other than diary of course (suppose to start a few years ago, but never even bother to write due to laziness, so might as well blog them in) =D

Makes me wonder is Blogspot or MySpace gonna shutdown their servers anytime soon =/

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